Matchbox Ambassador Update: New Set of Pictures from the 2012 Line

About once every 1-2 months, Mattel will release Matchbox sneak peaks by way of the Matchbox Ambassador.  The Ambassador is chosen by Mattel and serves as a liaison between the Matchbox team and collectors.  They appoint a new Ambassador every year in July at the Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It is a great event if you have not attended.

The current Matchbox Ambassador is Shabbir Malik, and he just released the latest set of photos.  Here is his report:
Dear All, 

Here are some recently provided pictures from Mattel. There cooperation is greatly appreciated.

As usual, feel free to share these pictures with your club members, friends, other web sites, etc. The more the better. However, please do give credit to Mattel for these pictures/news.

First, A new tooling for 2012…. Terrain Trouncer (aka 4×4 Sports car). It is a car with Matchboxized details created by Ryu. This is a picture of the pre–production model. Actual color may differ on the production model.

These next vehicles are the last 2 exclusive vehicles for the 9 Packs (USA) or 10 Packs (ROW) for 2012. Note that the International pumper body, interior and window tools have now been modified. The light bar is molded to the window. The die-cast body has been modified for both the window and hose bed area. Hose bed is molded with the interior for a color break. Also in the same picture is yet another addition to the Mint Green models line of Forest Ranger models. I like this series growing over the years.

Here are the new decorations for Street sweeper & Ridge Raider

Here are the new decorations for Pierce Dash & Hazard Squad. In my personal view, these are going to be hit among the emergency vehicle collectors. The yellow, white, & black combination on the Hazard Squad is absolutely beautiful. Pierce is the standard red color which looks great.

The Subaru Impreza makes its return to the line. Yes it will have white tires in the Arctic segment. I think the white wheels on the Impreza look good with the blue trim. The graphics very police like.

Not much to say about the Tractor Shovel but the Landrover in Dark Green looks gorgeous.

The actual color of the Ford F-550 super Duty will be Sea Foam green. However, the model shown in this picture is a pre-production Lime Green color. The Lime Green color will be released in production as well for a very short while before changing it to its original color of Sea Foam Green. I guess grab the Lime Green version as soon as it appears. May have a very short window to get this variation in our collections.

The best cars in this set of pictures are shown in this picture. Chevelle looks amazing in Copper. I just like the Toyota Land Cruiser so it does not matter what color it comes in. However, the Navy Blue and White combination looks great on this model.

Lastly, here is the picture of the final Mission Force set… Jungle Adventure. Everything looks great here. Although green is my favorite color, not sure how the green wheels will look on the Landrover. I will be looking forward to this set. 

Enjoy and happy hunting.

Shabbir Malik

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