First Look: HW ’71 Hemi Cuda

First Look 2 of 3…

While I am not the fan of muscle cars that many are, I do have an appreciation of quite a few.  I am a sucker for the 69 Camaro, for example, the 69-70 Pontiac GTO’s, and a decent amount of Mopar, to name a few.  One of those is the Plymouth Barracuda.
Hot Wheels has done a few, but none really to my liking.  That changes with this one:

’71 Hemi Cuda

One more model to go.  Look for it sometime tomorrow.
I also got word that I will have another upcoming Super TH to DLM and photograph sometime next week.  Lots happening, so bookmark us and keep coming back…

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  1. I was very excited about this one, but now, looking at it, i'm a bit disapointed.Dunno if it's the lack of decals, or the green paint that messes some of the details…I have a Maisto Fresh Metal model of the same car, and it's much more detailed. Plus, the HEMI decal on the sides are a lot better than this one.I hope they release a purple one, cause this green one is out of my list.

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