MC5 KITT – will it join variation royalty?

There are a few Hot Wheels variations that get royal status.  A few come to mind: Pink Bedlam, FTE Flamed Charger, Silver Lincoln, etc.

One other is the 5-hole Batmobile.  The casting was ridiculously popular, so it went without saying that the 5-hole wheel variation garnered a ton of interest.  It still fetches hefty prices on ebay, in the rare occasion one is listed.
We might have another.  This year the new Knight Rider KITT casting has been flying off the pegs.  The casting is great, well detailed, and for anyone who grew up in the 80’s, a must have.  So it would make sense that if a vari appears, there might be a little interest in it.
Enter the MC5 KITT.  The casting has sported PR5 wheels, with the exception being two MC5 versions found by HWC member quikblu91z28 a couple of weeks ago (and documented on the blog).  Both came from the same international-card Safeway shipper in Illinois.  A few mismatched MC5/PR5 versions have been found in the same Safeway shippers, including a couple by everyone’s favorite HWC vari collector, 1.eyed.jack.
Well, I like my sports car wheel variations, and this one went to the top of my want list.  A little negotiating here and there, and the model below appeared in my mailbox today:
I am very excited to have this in the collection.  There is some risk involved, as a ton of these could show up tomorrow, and I did not trade lightly to get it.  But we will wait and see.  If it is in fact a rare model, it just might have to join upper echelon of variations…
Thanks Jeff for the trade!

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  1. Oh… I just noticed that the car's name on the base is misspelled 'Chellenger', as well. Looks like the 2012 casting came with this mistake.

  2. Sorry… are you talking about the Challenger i mentioned or he K.I.T.T. in this post?If it's the Challenger mispelled Chellenger, the code on mine is E02 too.

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