May 15 Lamley Model of the Week (Part 2): Matchbox Ford GT error and variations…

As I stated in Part 1, the Matchbox Ford GT is one of my favorite castings ever.  So if get wind of a vari or error, I am all in when it comes to finding or acquiring it.
That pursuit has netted be a few errors and one very cool variation.  Some I have found myself on the pegs, some I have had to buy or trade for.  Nonetheless, here they are:

2007 5-pack with ALW

2009 basic range with ASW

2009 basic range with ALW

2011 basic range with ALW

2010 5-pack with ASW

I like the wheel errors, but nothing comes close to the next one, my Plain Jane white version.  A very small number of the 2010 5-pack version appeared with no side stripes, but had the headlights and rear lights printed.  There were enough to call it a vari.
It is the only Ford GT I have that is stripeless, and it looks fantastic:

One more post to go, where I will show the rest of the Matchbox Ford GT’s…

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