First Look: Hot Wheels ’10 Toyota Tundra

As we like to do here occasionally on the Lamley Group blog, here are some First Look pics of a new model that is yet to hit the pegs.  We won’t show all the new models, but if the model is a sports car, or a supercar, or an import, or especially Japanese, there is a good chance you will see it here.
This next model only fills the Japanese automaker requirement, but it is definitely worth a look: The HW Toyota Tundra.

I don’t collect a ton of pickups, but this is a model I really like.  My only issue is that they did not mold the Toyota logo into the grill.  It seems like that would have been fairly easy.  Other than that a pretty mean looking truck.
Which made me think of other Mattel-produced Japanese automaker pickups.  I examples of three others, two produced by Matchbox.
Tundra with its competitor, the Titan (and I love the contrast in styles):
HW Nissan Titan:
Matchbox Honda Ridgeline:
Matchbox Mitsubishi Triton:
It was three, the Tundra makes it four in the collection.

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