HW variation alert: two(!!) new wheels on the teal Aston Martin DBS…

Until the Kenmeri Skyline debuted last year, I considered the Aston Martin DBS my all-time favorite HW casting.  I hope it does not feel bad about being #2.
Nonetheless, I stop at nothing to get all variations of this casting, and the hunt has not disappointed: each of the three colors of this casting have produced wheel variations.  And latest, the teal FTE2 version, is now tops.
Today two new wheel variations arrived in the mail from Australia, thanks to collector Graeme Coulter, who I have enjoyed trading with in the past.  Here they are:

Chrome FTE2 wheels, found in a 10-pack (this vari has been reported found in the US as well):

10-spoke wheels (found in an Australian Toys R Us 20-pack*)

All the Aston variations:
2010 FE with 10-spoke (common) and PR5 (rare)
2012 FTE2 with FTE2 wheels (carded) and 10sp (found in Valentines Day 5-packs at Target)

And now these three:

*in case you were wondering, Greame’s photo of the 20-pack.  The Aston was not the only wheel vari in the pack.  I will be profiling the Infiniti and Mustang Super Snake in the coming days…