I do not own a single Tomica share but I’m delighted over this shareholder exclusive set and upcoming 50th anniversary release

Collecting Tomica is limitless. As a passionate Tomica collector it is fair to say I’m addicted, I’m always learning along the way and knowledge sharing is always the key and joy, which includes the latest release to retired Tomica dating all the way back to the 70s where it all started.

Apart from the mainline Red and White Box which I shared last week, it’s my intent to branch out to other series, starting with this Tomica Shareholder Exclusive set, to Lamley readers together with current Tomica release on a weekly basis.

Shareholder Exclusives started in 1998. They are not for sale Tomica and these complimentary sets are sent to shareholders who have purchased shares from Takara Tomy. They come in 2 different sets. The 4 cars set is for shareholder who holds 1000 shares or more. While the 2 cars set is for those with 100-999 shares.

While I do not own a single share, I am very delighted to unbox this 2 cars set on Hot Kustoms YouTube primarily to keep up with my Civic Type R (FK8) collection and also the latest Gazoo Racing Supra casting which will pair very well with the latest 2020 BMW Z4 sibling.

This GR Supra in bright yellow shares the same specifications as the pair of Red Box Tomica Supra which I share earlier. Gorgeous body curves which looks very promising in photography with standard factory suspension. Interesting to note is also its livery labelled (平成) Heisei Era and (令和 ) Reiwai Era which is the present day on 2 sides of the casting. I believe Tomica will do many more versions of this GR Supra just like the Civic (FK8) in months to come.

Image from takaratomy.co.jp

In fact just a couple of days back Tomica announced they will launch it’s 50th Anniversary car manufacturer project. Designers from respective car makers will devise a 50th Anniversary design for upcoming Tomica events with the GR Supra included.

Here’s the event models line up. The 50th Anniversary Honda Civic Type R will be available at April Tomica Event in Osaka. The GR Supra available at the Tokyo Toy Show in June while the GT-R will be available at the Tomica Yokohama Event in November which I hope I can make it.

The Honda Civic Type R (FK8) is exactly the reason for this boxset. I’m a lover for this casting and hopefully I can complete the variants for the FK8 Type R. In my opinion this is one of the very best recent casting Tomica ever produced. Although no opening parts with only a standard factory suspension, it looks very realistic and highly detailed which makes this casting stands out among the Tomica Civic range.

I like its premium looking gray body color on the casting, clear plastic headlights and carbon wing spoiler with no manufacturing shortcuts. I will do a feature on my some of my Tomica Type R collection together with the latest Tomica Shop release next month here. Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find me in IG and YouTube. 🙂

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  1. You know, to be honest, I think I actually like the Hot Wheels Civic R just as much. The Supra is neat though. I like the Yellow they chose to do. Very Sporty!

  2. Awesome blog entry. Indeed Supra is the new 86 given the amount of collaboration between Toyota and Tomica. it’s nice nonetheless.

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