M2 Machines is expanding its Auto-Japan lineup with the Datsun 620 pickup. It looks fantastic.

Hakosuka, 510, 240Z.

Hakosuka, 510, 240Z.

Hakosuka, 510, 240Z.

M2 Machines generated a ton of excitement awhile ago when it dropped its first group of JDM models, expanding from its Muscle and American Classic roots. Sure, those models had been done by other brands, but the M2 take was most welcome. Because of the many parts approach that M2 takes, they were able to churn out stock and custom versions in the same mix, focus on variety, and the results were fantastic.

And we saw a lot of them. Walmart, retail, hobby, Coke, Mooneyes, Haulers, etc. The three castings have popped up everywhere. Sure, I heard some rumblings of too many, but M2 has always been about a massive amount of variety, and they have certainly delivered.

But expansion is coming. Last week Designer Sean Taylor and the M2 Machines team dropped the first images of the upcoming Datsun 620 Pickup. The casting will debut in a hobby-only set that once again highlights the many looks M2 can take with one casting.

Utility, stock, and sport. The Li’l Hustler goes in all directions, and Sean captures them all. Cool Chases too:

I collect several brands, M2 being one of them, and all scratch a different itch. M2 Machines definitely has its place. I don’t buy them all, but for the Japanese cars I am so fond of, I love getting a nice cross section of models in the various styles M2 creates. Because of that, this entire set becomes a must-have for me. They will look great individually, but even better side-by-side.

Look for this release at your favorite hobby dealers in September.

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  1. These look SO tempting, but the challenge with these is two-fold: first, actually finding them because of how popular they’ll no doubt be; and second, finding ones without broken-off fender mirrors, missing bumpers, deformed tires, etc. That tow truck just LOOKS fragile, and it’s only a drawing! M2 has the desirable castings thing down, but their quality control is what’s holding them back.

    That said, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these, they look fabulous from this sneak peek.

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