Opening – and thoroughly digging – the Hot Wheels x Supreme Team Transport

Why the hate?

The response from collectors when the Hot Wheels x Supreme Team Transport collaboration was a bit surprising. Sure, there were many who asked what Supreme was. That’s normal.

But I am not talking about that. Most of you know what I am talking about. I am sure after this post has been up on the blog awhile there will be plenty of examples of what I am talking about in the comments section. Or on my Facebook Page. Or my Instagram account. It’s already on my YouTube Channel.

Man, some of you are bothered by this set. I get the origins of the hate, I guess? Supreme does its thing, and relies on buzz, and yes, hype. But Supreme was around far before the internet, and has figured things out beautifully along the way. As far as a business model, it is hard to argue with it. Throw the Supreme name on almost ANYTHING, and watch it sell out. Online comments be damned. That stuff sells.

So why WOULDN’T they put the logo on a Hot Wheels car? And do it their way, meaning sell it on their end, not on a Walmart peg? And seriously, why would Hot Wheels say no? They would be dumb to do that. Supreme creates more cred among a very valuable demographic than takes away from folks like us.

Let’s do the math. PRO: A Hot Wheels Team Transport set, simply featuring the Supreme logo, packaged in retro 90’s packaging, containing a replica of one of the coolest 90’s era cars, made available to an audience that probably hasn’t thought that much about Hot Wheels lately. Hot Wheels is an established brand, and the collab adds instant credibility. CON: A few collectors get bent out of shape about the set, say a few things online, and then forget about it. Until a diecast blog shows it again, and they say something again, and then forget about it again. When it is safe to say most of the comments originate only from the frustration that the model is hard to acquire.

Yes, it sold out fast. Really fast. But most Supreme items do. And yes, bots and resellers got a lot of them. And yes, some are going for crazy prices on ebay. But that is ebay. There are other places to get the set much cheaper.

But that is only if you want it. This post isn’t saying you have to like it. You most certainly don’t. But I am questioning why you HATE it. There are a lot of Hot Wheels releases I don’t like, I just choose not to buy them. But I don’t make a comment saying I hate it on every IG post showing that product, and I don’t question why Hot Wheels would do it, or threaten to never buy Hot Wheels again. (The most empty of all threats, by the way.)

Obviously a post like this might spur a comment or two disagreeing with me or criticizing me, Hot Wheels, Hypebeasts, or whatever. I wouldn’t post this if I was afraid that would happen. But I think this collaboration is genius for Hot Wheels, just like I loved the Fatlace and Period Correct collabs. And I hope there are more, whether I can get one or not.

Anyway, I pursued a Supreme set, and I got one, and I opened it. And of course I made a video about it. Enjoy.

8 Replies to “Opening – and thoroughly digging – the Hot Wheels x Supreme Team Transport”

  1. I know exactly why theres so much hate. The collectors with bad attitudes that missed out on buying it for 30 bucks that had to resort to looking for it on ebay is the reason for all the hate. Most of them cant afford the price tag. My advice is, move on! There are plenty of cars that I cant buy but you dont see me shaming people on the posting of those cars. John i see you post alot of cars that i wish i could have but i dont bash you about it. It is what it is you know. I actually initially bought the supreme set for 75 off ebay and then myself and 14 others got cancelled messages because the price went up. I then had to pay 120 for one. Oh well, thats life. Either move on or get a better job so you can afford the cars you want. Im still waiting on my rlc real riders 510 with opening hood, my toy fair gold porsche, boulevard yellow porsche, etc. The list goes on…

  2. Here long before the internet? Not quite. I was ripping the internet up with dial-up when they came out.

  3. I like and I love the car culture team transports supreme set.👍I would like to add this set to my collection some day. Awesome car culture team transports supreme set you open up and you reviewed congrats. 👍

  4. It looks nice, but the price is ridiculous to start with. And I can begin to fathom anyone forking out the scalper prices on top of that. Something with intentional “limited” scarcity just isn’t worth bothering with. Especially when, basically it is the same castings Walmart sells for twelve bucks; just with fancy packaging and a logo people would go nuts for if it was stuck on anything.

    I could justify the $30 price for let’s say, a decent early HW Redline, but not a modern piece that really isn’t anything special over the Team Transport I find at Walmart for less than half what the price of this was. And what some people are apparently paying for it goes into prototype and rare Redline money. And those are things that were never intended to be collectors items in the first place. This was.

  5. So of all the team transport sets released so far, the ultra limited exclusive one ends up being the worst. There is literally nothing going for it other than the novelty of it being exclusive. Would rather they did the reebok classic 1990 nissan r32, would take a dozen if they made it a reality.

  6. I can’t really say how I’d feel if I actually REALLY badly waned it . It’s neat. but Euro cars are just not my thing. They never have been so I can’t say if I’d be all mad or not. Now if it was another funny car transport I may dig into the pockets, or get mad… both probably. 😛

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