Via MiJo, Schuco 1/64 is finally coming to the US. You are going to be happy they’re here.

This dropped on Facebook today from the folks at MiJo Exclusives:

There is a lot to take in, and the time will come soon to dive in a bit deeper, but you are looking at the first batch of models coming from the new collaboration between Schuco and MiJo Exclusives.

If you need a reminder, MiJo Exclusives is a division of M&J Toys, a hobby wholesaler. They created MiJo in order to do collaborations with all kinds of premium 1/64 brands, like Greenlight, Round2, and M2. Schuco, a European brand, has now joined the fray.

I am hoping to showcase these models as they are released. Schuco is on par with 1/64 premium brands like Auto World, and could easily be seen as the brand that fills the European model gap between AW and TLV. Schuco has had a small presence here before, but based on where the hobby has gone, now is the time for the brand to thrive.

Stay tuned.

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  1. i guess theyll be found at hobby dealers like surplusgoodies on ebay… on an another note this is such a big deal….now we’ll get quality 1:64 castings of Porsche and Volkswagen… yay..

  2. This is very cool news! I already collect some of their stuff in other scales and it’s quality stuff. I see a few in that pic that I’m already interested in.

  3. I’m guessing mostly online through small hobby dealers and the like. I like everything shown; hopefully they won’t be extremely expensive.

  4. Yeesss
    I have several porsche,Lamborghini and the best land Rover defender models they make all ready. Just received the light green defender version yesterday as well. Can not wait for a new vender to sell there models not just in hopes of cheaper prices but in a greater variety then what I find on eBay. I see four models I would be interested in all ready.

  5. This is very exciting indeed, but I’m guessing if I wanted these I’d be forced into buying them online, which effectively prices them beyond what I’m willing to pay. I’d definitely spring for two or three here and there if Hobby Lobby stocks them though.
    Concerns aside, is it weird I’m most excited for the Defender and the VW Camper? I feel like the other models are available from a million other makers, but we could really use a good “Vanagon”-era Transporter in the 1/64 world

  6. Sorry but it is the same old same old, Europe has more than GERMAN brands, and the same 911 and VW T1/T2 models, what about Citroen, Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin, Morgan, Range Rover, Caterham, Atom, Peugeot, Renault, and so on and so on, why cant we get some of these other brands rather than the same old stuff from every manufacturer, a lost opportunity here, and of course, you wont be able to get them in the UK, so another high priced Online purchase direct from Schuco, for those inclined to buy.

  7. Awesome models. Wish they did more Euro models that other makers dont do. A big let down is the packaging. European Schuco come in awesome resealable packages to protect the model. These come in US spec blisters with no chance for storage.

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