Showcase: Kyosho 1/64 European Cars

Right below my video set up lies a drawer full of Kyosho models.  I haven’t featured them a lot lately, but it seemed like the right time to pull them out.

Kyosho hasn’t been as prolific with their 1/64 lately, but it doesn’t mean there are plenty of models out there to pursue.  I have gotten a lot from Japan Booster, as well as a by way of a good old-fashioned eBay search.

But I have a decent collection.  Not a ton of models, but a nice variety.  Kyosho has done a small number of American cars, but mostly JDM and European cars.  So I am doing two features, one for each group.  Let’s go Euro first.


2 thoughts on “Showcase: Kyosho 1/64 European Cars

  1. These are great. While watching this video, I searched ebay for some of the models. The Ferrari “kits” are pretty affordable compared to the others.

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