The Masters of Scale, Part 1: Tomica Limited Vintage ɛ̃fini RX-7 TYPE R

If I could, I would show you a pic of my desk, but right now I can’t.  But know it is full of Hot Wheels Convention and Car Culture models and upcoming 2019 Matchbox.  And everything that is sitting here is definitely exciting.  Both brands are on a roll, and collecting them has been a blast.

But occasionally, among all the mayhem, the masters rear their heads and show as all how it is done.  In the case of 1/64, those masters are Tomica Limited Vintage and Auto World.   Both lines are full of interesting replicas, all models are exquisitely detailed, and the scale is right on.  I like collecting all the brands I collect, but TLV and AW really like to show off.  And it just eat it all up.


In the last month, both brands have released significant new models.  TLV dropped the Mazda RX-7 (ɛ̃fini RX-7 TYPE R in Japan), and AW the Buick Estate Wagon.  Both releases are right in each brand’s wheelhouse, and both are stunners.

So today I am posting two features, one for each release.  Part 1 is the TLV RX-7, and Part 2 the AW Buick Estate.

We start with the RX-7.  I have been asked to compare the TLV with the recent Hot Wheels release.  I’m not going to do that.  The Hot Wheels release is a fantastic casting, and deserves all the praise it gets.  So there is no reason to put it next to the TLV, because they are so different.  The TLV is stock.  Correct ride height, etc.  As with most TLV, it looks like a 1991 RX-7 would look driving off the lot.

And that is what I love Tomica Limited Vintage.  It fits the perfect niche in my collection.  All stock, mostly Japanese.  The attention to detail is so precise, my TLV collection represents my love for cars in their original form, whether that be a Datsun 510, an Alfa Romeo, or soon, a Ferrari.  It feels pure.  So I welcome any replica from TLV, and always am excited when they decide to do a stock replica of any popular car.

This RX-7 sits at the top of the list.

(If you haven’t purchased these, you can get them at Japan Booster.)


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  1. I picked up the yellow RX7. It is a great model. I compare it to my Kyoshos in terms of detail and accuracy.

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