2019 Matchbox New Model Preview, Part 1: Porsche 911, Chevy Caprice & More

Part 1 of a walk-through of all 2019 Matchbox New Models, filmed at the Gathering of Friends Convention.  Me and Abe, with some cool models and a dope beat.

Part 2 and 3 coming soon.


19 thoughts on “2019 Matchbox New Model Preview, Part 1: Porsche 911, Chevy Caprice & More

    1. For me the ambulance is ruined not by the plastic body but because of the lack of a side door. Once again they try to take artistic license with a real model. The door is required by standards.

  1. I think this is the first Matchbox Porsche I do not love. For years we have been requesting an iconic air cooled 911. When we finally get one not only is it not stock, the casting is just not good. First the B pillar is missing. Part of the iconic look. Then the rook rack looks like it takes away the door panel ines. Lastly the duck tail is just wrong.

    I will probably get each one as I am a MB Porsche completist. But I just don;t love it the way I should and hoped when I heard a new 911 was coming. It also limits my customizing since that rack will be a bear to remove.

  2. Thanks for showing future releases. But please drop the escalator music! The thing is I here plastic ambulance. Why? By doing this (like the Ford news van) spoiling and making the mbx image look cheap and nasty. That tree cab its awful. This will used for years I bet. I Hope to see the rest and pay the same as usa……..?!

      1. Lol.! Is that tree cab based on any real truck on your state side…? Its nothing we can relate to in the UK. It was probably explained but I’m not listening to the mall music again!!

    1. I don’t think that it is based on anything real stateside but i think it reminds me when i was growing up in hungary they had the semi truck races and it kind of reminds me of that, like a mix between a scannia a kenworth t2000 and a ford aeromax. something that looks sleek and fast.

      1. Lol.!!!…:-) how about requests?!?! …… The sound of silence!…as Mr szog it sounds great memories. Its nice ,good idea for future for a race version of this tree cab. It will grow on me suppose.

  3. The cast luggage rack on the Porsche is likely going to look as nasty as the one on the Datsun 510. Matchbox has been adding so much plastic lately, but they leave it off where it would work well.

  4. Nice job on the Mustang Convertible, and I like the Nissan NV van as well. The Caprice casting looks nice, but I fear the size might compare to the 69 Cadillac Sedan deVille, which may be on the small end of the spectrum. I’m also not a fan of plastic bodies and metal bases- or vehicles with no interiors.

  5. Designers have done a great job and I especially love the Caprice immensly but all this plastic is ruining what Matchbox stood for and now they’ve dispensed with chrome pars to cut even more cost. When will it end? I wish the management at mattel could just raise the price to give us better quality. Distribution and plastic overkill is not making me buy these cars especially here in the UK where they are nearly three times more expensive than in the US, they just aren’t worth it for what you get.

  6. Don’t like the 911. Partly because the casting is off but mostly because I am not a fan of these offroad style rally cars. I would rather prefer to see a bone stock 80s 911. Why can’t Hot Wheels or Matchbox do a 911 that isn’t a race car or modified in some way or another? Just why???

  7. I could hardly hear what you were saying because of the stupid crappy music ! I agree with what most people are saying about the 911 in that it is not correct in a few ways but like Jeff Webster says I will also buy it ( if we get it in the UK ), because I’m also a Porsche completist. Whilst you have the designer’s ear, why not ask about European distribution problems and what they are doing about it. But again, drop the music it is not “dope” whatever that means, it is just annoying.

  8. really digging these models. I like the Porsche because it is different. I admit though I’m not a purist. The ambulance is probably my least fav. And I know that i will get poo-pooed on but I’m done with the chargers challengers and mustangs. The mustang does look really good though. I do agree the caprice is probably my fav out of all. The nissan van was surprising but It fits the brand.

  9. Love, love, love the Porsche! 1. It’s a Porsche. 2. It’s a race car (hoping for a racing livery). It’s a rally version, which is so unlike any other Porsche we’ve gotten from MBX or HW in recent memory. Wouldn’t it be sweet if this was done up in a Rothmans or Martini inspired deco? I didn’t even notice the lack of a die cast B-pillar until it was pointed out. Looking back, many of the other recent 911s have had their B-pillars as part of the plastic window piece rather than of the die cast body. Perhaps not our preference in the way to execute it, but honestly, it doesn’t really bother me.

    Anything else new on the horizon, or just this Porsche? LOL!

    I may consider the Mustang Convertible, the NV is an interesting “out there” choice. The other licensed models are well done, just not my cup of tea.

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