M2/Coke in two parts: The models, the packaging, and the Chases.

It is pretty obvious that Hot Wheels Pop Culture isn’t my thing.  I have featured the models in the past, but ultimately they are not models that interest me much.  I appreciate the art and premium-ness of the releases, but I doubt I will see too many ornate classic trucks driving down the street with a full Marvel comic book scene on them.

Mainly, diecast cobranding with non-auto entities will typically not float my boat.  That was a concern when I learned that M2 had snagged the Coca-Cola license.  Coke is a fantastic pairing with M2, but personally I did worry about the execution.  I don’t know why I did, because there was no precedent of M2 mucking that up, but you never know with a powerful licensor like Coke.

Worrying was dumb.  The first release from the M2/Coke pairing is here, showing up at Walmarts and hobby dealers, and it is amazing.  Yes, the Coca-Cola logo is all over the place, but not as a big billboard, but appropriately and tastefully on each model, turning them into realistic replicas of actual Coke vehicles.  Count me in.

Here is the first part, reviewing all the store and hobby releases, plus the Chases.  I’m gonna open them, and that is next.


8 thoughts on “M2/Coke in two parts: The models, the packaging, and the Chases.

  1. Yea, Coke really knows how to add padding to a product, a $3 jump in each one!! I don’t think the hauler got the PREMIUM price, but I don’t usually find any Walmart with current and correct pricing in the diecast aisle and since I can’t really bear to buy any diecast over $10 for a single package, I guess I won’t know either.

  2. Yep. At almost 10 bucks including tax, one of these things is enough for me. Bought my favorite casting in the retail store version, and that’s it for me on these overpriced items.

    Did anybody else notice? …the regular Auto-Thentics are now 6.49 at Wal-Mart, and the Drivers series are now 4.99.

    Price increases always mean a rethink on what I actually quote/unquote “need” to buy.


  3. M2 has got to have the worst quality control issues. So many times I see their cars just in pieces in unopened packages. And they expect us to pay $9? I’ll pass.

  4. Does anyone know why the Coke version of M2 is way higher? Has it something to do with the clam shell packaging instead of regular box? Although nice artwork of coke, his packaging does take more space which I am not fond of.

  5. M2 does have some really heinous quality control issues, and $9 is a LOT to pay for one of these. That said, the models look really nice. I picked up one of the VW buses and a chase Ford pickup, and that’s enough for me at this price. Unfortunately the box they shipped in must have gotten smooshed because both packages are bent. That probably negates any secondary value the chase model has, but it’s more the thrill of finding one that made me buy it. And thank God they did red chrome on the chase models instead of those awful technicolor tires they’ve done elsewhere in their lineups.

  6. I saw my local Walmart had one of these the other day and thought it was interesting. I’m definitely a Coke guy. When I drink soda, Coke is my go to brand, but I don’t collect it. It’s an easy pass on these for me.

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