Matchbox will be releasing two opening-features lines. Here is an early look at the premium models.

I was a little worried about the new Matchbox opening-features models.  After announcing them to much fanfare a year ago at the Matchbox Gathering Convention, there was nothing.  No sneaks, no news, nothing.  I was fearful the line was budget casualty, and even more worried of the justified backlash that would come if it were cancelled.

But man I was wrong.  There were some delays, sure, but Mattel’s commitment to bringing opening features to Matchbox is real, and they are coming in a big way.

There will be two lines: Basic Plus (no idea if that will be the official name), $2 vehicles with basic wheels and deco, and Premium, which will be premium wheels and deco.

I didn’t know there were two lines coming, but Abe Lugo from the Matchbox Design Team walked my through them in two videos.  I’ve already shown the Basic Plus preview, and here is an early look at the Premium models.  Can’t wait to see how they develop.


4 thoughts on “Matchbox will be releasing two opening-features lines. Here is an early look at the premium models.

  1. Mmm mmm mm. I am especially excited for the Range Rover and the 2000. Also very excited to see the i8 actually done- I did not have high hopes to be honest.

  2. As someone who primarily focuses on BMWs (over 150 variations between Matchbox and Hot Wheels) for my son’s collection, I have one thing to say at this point in development. They absolutely, positively, without question… knocked the i8 out of the park. I, as well, was skeptical about a strong execution of the i8. I’ve yet to find the basic model, but already believe it is gorgeous. And now with the premium edition… I’m going to be after these HARD. I’m not a hoarder, but these will definitely be a “buy every one I see” situation. Awesome job on these, and I can’t wait to see my son’s reaction!

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