Yes, the Matchbox opening-features models are coming. They just got teased.

You don’t think I have been asking as well?

I get a lot of messages about the Matchbox opening features models previewed at last year’s Gathering of Friends.  Ever since that preview we haven’t heard much.  Whenever I was asked, I just said I assumed they were coming, and would wait with everyone else to find out.

Well, behind the scenes it was a tad different.  I do chat with the Matchbox Team occasionally, and yeah, I asked.  A lot.  I got full collector on them, trying to get any updates.  And what did I get?  A shrug, a smile, and a smirk.  “Wait and see” they said, “You will like what comes.”

They were right.  The Matchbox Team, in preparation for the Gathering, teased this:

Those are classic.  Look at them!  A Grand Prix and a VW Fastback, homages to the early days of Matchbox, before Hot Wheels, when Matchbox was about realism.  I am not a terribly nostalgic person when it comes to diecast, but dang.  I can get behind these.

More is MOST SURELY to come next week, and yeah, you can bet I will be working to put together some videos for everyone featuring these beauties when I am at the Gathering.  So stay tuned.  Lots to come.


15 thoughts on “Yes, the Matchbox opening-features models are coming. They just got teased.

  1. It’s great to see a return of not only realism, but to actual quality in a $1 toy car. I sure missed opening features when I was playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox when I was a kid. It made it more fun, enjoyable, and realistic. I was always a fan of realism ever since I was a kid. And to have opening doors, trunks, and hatches made it feel like the real world when playing with them on the kitchen counters!

    I wonder if the price is still gonna be the same or if they’re gonna charge a little extra for these cars only. I also wonder if Hot Wheels is gonna even bother to compete or let it stay at Matchbox. Whatever the case, I’m just happy to see a return to form at Matchbox. If only they’re distribution was drastically improved!

    1. I believe I heard the $2 price tag floating around for the opening parts car. A good value it you ask me.

    2. The one dollar price point is exactly the reason that none of the vehicles have opening doors or suspension anymore. Hence these are more than a dollar 🙂

  2. This is great! I miss the days when you could get metal bases and opening doors/hoods on Matchbox and Hotwheels mainline models.

  3. The Pontiac will almost surely be too small in terms of scale, but that VW looks absolutely killer!! Even from this less than perfect pic, the proportions look to be spot on. I am VERY excited for these. Does anyone know if they’ll also make normal non-opening version of these castings, or will these be exclusive to the opening features lineup?

  4. PLease we MUST get these in the UK – and everytime one of US friends goes on and on about the $1 car, it makes me so mad, as we pay about $3 for each and every Matchbox model, so once these new opening parts come they will be as expensive as the HW Real Riders, and then thats me done with Mattel – after 11,200 models on my collection, i won’t waste anymore on them, regardless of how good they are.

  5. Wow, they look great, got a couple of the original VW and that red, and the overall shape look spot on…as Jon says though, distribution in the UK is shocking,( although Asda are getting better at having new cases)…the Entertainer and Smyths toys have both carried the Jurassic World lines so hoping they’ll have more Mbx…they need to carry these rather than yet another fantasy hotwheels star wars/ marvel series…! Price wise I guess with Mbx retailing at 1.97 in the UK, around 3-4 pounds would feel fair for me….

  6. How are they going to be marketed? Are these for collectors? Or kids? As matchbox we see as children for realism., moving parts and using pocket money price. These should how the main line should be now. For years producing some such rubbish, jumping from 75 to 125 models. £3 yes. Anything more no. How it is now, . If these reach UK?! Enough damage has been done with this brand as it is. Mattel cut the matchbox home ties years ago. These would be nice in a 65th gift set for uk and Row?!…..:-)

  7. Additional, open up the brand, every corner shop, service station and every retail outlets can stock this brand! Great, lovely trade cases and stands which was every where in the UK. Who’s child and collectors mind wasn’t emblazoned by this? It’s has obviously taken affect. Myself and other good folk writing on this website years later. Do something now mattel, you are alienating the wrong people. Make a new breed also love this brand. How it used to be, real and models to be related to in each corner of the world…my blood is wearing thin with this brand. It’s such a shame.

    1. Well, I’m hoping I can buy these in the UK. But they need to be sold in more places than just supermarkets and the internet. Basically anywhere that has a hobby store or a toy department……

  8. I hope for these they get rid of the assortment system and do it like Siku, Allow people to order the one model they want from an online site (or store).

    I imagine this line stealing some customers from Majorette and Siku.

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