The latest from Auto World is a pretty bunch of cars.

In our 1/64 world, maybe you can call Auto World a boutique brand.  They create only a small amount of new castings each year, and their releases can be a bit infrequent.  But when you do get one in hand, you can see all the effort that goes into each model.  And if you have even a small appreciation for classic American cars, these models are a must.

I don’t get too excited about Auto World’s current car castings (Camaro, Corvette, Mustang), although they all very nice.  What I do love is their classic car releases.  From muscle to land yachts to wagons, the models are gorgeous.

And they keep getting better.  More details keep emerging with each release.  Wood-paneling on the wagons, more interior colors, better wheels, etc.  And even a little more variety.  That is apparent in 2018 Premium Release 2.  Start with a stunning pair of Challengers, and go from there.

If you haven’t collected Auto World in the past, you may not be able to see the evolution, but you can appreciate the current quality.  The Ultra Red Chases are cool, but don’t get caught up in those.  These models are just plain worth having.

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4 thoughts on “The latest from Auto World is a pretty bunch of cars.

  1. Love the green Challenger. This is the kind of car that folks drove and were familiar with on a daily basis rather than the ones with the Hemi or 440 big block V8s. I imagine this one has a 318 cubic inch small block V8.

  2. NICE! Love the Auto World cars. The T/A is a little wonky on scale. Not sure where the issue is, but it’s too long behind the rear wheels or something. BUT it is a beautiful car. I usually end up having to get Auto World cars online as the local WM has a peg for them but rarely has anything hanging on the peg. Not sure if I’m too late or they just don’t put them out.

    Will be looking for these for sure.

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