My new office is almost ready, but what should go in my wall displays?

I know, who gives a hoot that I have a new office?  Well, I do, and I have a blog, so I can share.

In case you do care, I switched rooms with my daughter.  She wanted a little more space, and my office was the logical choice.  So we switched.  And it is a good thing.

There was a lot of prep needed to convert my office into a bedroom, and it took longer than we thought.  But the switch finally happened this weekend.  My new office has a little less space, but is actually better for what I do.  So gone are the blue walls, replaced with a cool charcoal.  It looks beautiful, especially being offset with my white Carney wall displays.

I have two sections of displays.  One by the window, with three all-white displays stacked vertically:

And one section above my desk, ultimately consisting of four white-background, clear shelves displays (two are on their way from Carney).

Each case holds 108 cars, so doing the math that means I need to extract 756 models from the collection.  And I want your ideas.  I know what I am doing with some, and I will share that soon, but let’s see what you think.  I will leave it wide open.  Comment here of FB or IG or wherever.

Have at it.


20 thoughts on “My new office is almost ready, but what should go in my wall displays?

      1. awe the white looks so much better, i was just about to try and order it too

  1. Very sharp looking office. I wish I had the problem of having to narrowing down what I can display.
    My suggestion would be Trucks, Race cars, Sports cars, JDM, Domestic, European.
    Or just do all Real Riders.

  2. Tomica Limited Vintage and Auto World for one display, make sure not to fill it up with too many Nissans though.

  3. File ’em by color, John. The full rainbow spectrum.

    Alphabetical or by ‘series’ or country of origin or ‘type’ of car would be stereotypical and boring.

    With that charcoal wall and white cases as background, the colors of the cars will really pop.


  4. TLV, TLV 2, Auto World, Matchbox, Hot wheels mainline, Hot wheels premium (car culture etc.), misc brands (Kyosho, M2, Johnny etc….i.e. best of the rest). That is 7.

    Maybe Matchbox deserves 2. Would replace either hot wheels mainline or misc. Or maybe misc is merged with Auto world leaving Matchbox with 2.

  5. Are you able to get the wall displays to mount to the studs? If not then what kind of wall anchor are you using?

    I’ve got one of these, but I can only get the holes on one side or the other to line up with the studs in my house, and I’m not confident that screws into drywall will hold the weight of 108.

    1. There are cast anchors that are very sturdy that would be my guess and recommendation. You could probably get a plastic anchor to hold for a while but over time with vibration they tend to work free. The cast anchor has an arrow tip to start then the anchor itself screws into the drywall. The screw then goes into the anchor. For any project needing anchors I tend to go this route. Just more reliable, unless your hanging something with substantial weight these would be my choice.

  6. I keep those I cannot display in a plan chest I made myself. 15 or so thin drawers in a chest of drawers that previously had 4 deep ones in it. The cars go right to left so they done run as easily. The rows are separated with taught string. Half way through a second one.

  7. Jose has a point about the window. Sunlight will cause discolor so be careful. Four displays with your collection your going to have to be very picky. I’d saying me would love you to showcase the Matchbox licensed models. Knowing you have many premium models not sure that’s realistic. With you covering atleast 5 brands don’t see you making a display for each. I like the color idea great idea considering your wall color. The colors will definitely pop! I think ultimately it comes down to you. Maybe start with what you like then maybe in a year you switch things up. Man I remember when you did the move.

    1. Hrm, how about blinders ON the display? Like shutter doors, but for diecast.

      Then they go up at night to display the cars in its full glory.

  8. Don’t put duplicates of Hotwheels, You’ve a whole load of those in various colors and decals. Put good rare ones, Matchbox, Tomica Vintage, Autoworld, Greenlight and Johnny Lightning separately.
    You sure have a fantastic collection.

  9. Love the new office John! The gray and white is so clean and crisp. If you ask me, I’m just going to tell you to fill those displays with European and Japanese sports cars. Wishful thinking, I know. 😉 Whatever you do, I’m sure it will look great. I look forward to seeing it.

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