Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 M Case

This is a cool case.

I am probably guilty of making that statement not as a math equation but by the quality of the best models.  I would love to see a 72-count case with 72 licensed models I like, but when was that the case with a Hot Wheels basic case?  There is always a variety of models, more catering to kids then to nerdy old me.  So if there is a handful of gems, I am happy.

And of what a handful there are.  The Audi is the star for me, especially debuting as a Super TH – the first “official” debut as a Super since the Ford GT a couple of years ago – but don’t sleep on the Dodge.  An instant 80’s classic from Brendon Vetuskey.

Wheel Collectors got their pallet in last night, and this is the first case they opened, pulled at random.  As always, here are all the case contents, pulled 3-by-3.  The models are also listed:

Hot Wheels 2018 Batch M at Wheel Collectors

Many M Case showcases to come.  Super Showcase, Unboxing, and Highlights vids and pics.  Stay tuned.

Watch the pics or look at the pics.  You can always get a larger view by clicking on them:

IMG_2462 2


14 thoughts on “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 M Case

  1. Wow all of those new hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

  2. The Dodge truck really nice, that said for the quality point the Audi is the Gem! The Dodge is going to be sought after I think more. Dodge has many possibilities for the customizers. The Audi as a collector, it has everything. Licesened, great casting for me it’s great!

    On a side point why is the 510 so limited in it’s production? I find that for some reason my favorite JDM model. There just don’t seem to be many of them out there in store. I see many other models like the Fairlady that get over done. Just wondering how it works with choice of models that get dupped over and over and the ones that don’t.

  3. Thanks for also posting all of the pictures along with the video. Many of these were in the Target cases last weekend, but not the Dodge truck and Audi wagon. Looking forward to both of them.

  4. Very much looking forward to these, but all my local stores seem to be in a bit of a slump as far as new product goes. I’m not even sure how many cases behind they are.

  5. Despite having the launch of the highly anticipated Audi RS6 Avant and Dodge D100, I still find this batch a bit of a dud like the last few batches have. Ever since the G Case, these batches haven’t been fully loaded with anticipated, real cars with the exception of the H Case. Instead, most of them have been filled with fantasy cars and tons of recolors, not much that’s actually new.

    1. Definitely in the same boat here. Would like to see less fantasy castings in future cases, all they do is sit on the pegs and make sure employees don’t put out anything new because hey, why would they? The shelves are full. Pretty lame case.

  6. Not a big fan of these multi-recolors feels like the Fiat and the chevelle wagon have been in every mix this year and whats with all the crazy color mixing! looks like a lot of peg warmers that just stop stores from ordering more. For an anniversary year I think it’s been a bit disappointing especially the mainlines

    1. It doesn’t “seem” like the Fiat and Chevelle have been in every mix. It is a FACT that they have been in every mix, as well as the other 3 Daredevils cars (Rally Cat, Mad Propz, and HW450F). Every single case (US, international, short cards) has had a full set of Daredevils, save for the KDay 36 count cases in February. Cases A, B, C, and D all had the first colorway. Cases E, F, G, and H all had the second. Cases J, K, and L all had the third. Cases M, N, P, and Q will all have the fourth and final colorways. The Super Treasure Hunt for P cases is the Fiat 500 from the Daredevils set. The odd part about this. They have chosen to do the Super based off of the FIRST colorway, not the fourth, which is the case it will appear in. My question is… in the cases with Supers, will the mainline 4th color of the Fiat still be present in the case?

  7. Way too many re-releases and fantasy castings for me to be interested in this case. I’d only look out for the Delorean (I’m glad they chose the DD8 wheels) and maybe the Audi here. Dunno why they went with white on the 917, looks way too similar to the previous release which was light blue with Gulf livery. I would have gone with the red one from the 1970 Le Mans race. Again, way too much filler here with the re-releases and fantasy peg warmers.

  8. Whew, they’re rolling out the white chess pieces pretty fast, huh. Good thing as I’m collecting a chess set for my nephew, whose birthday is at the start of November.

  9. Finally! The Audi RS6 Avant is finally being released! Love this car! Fingers crossed I can actually find one with the poor distribution we’ve been seeing this year. Next, I’ve gotta have that Gulf Porsche 917 in white. What a beauty! I’ll also be looking for the recolored Fairlady Z and Lamborghini Huracán. I may pick up the blue Civic, though I’m not too fond of the graphics. Does anybody know if their is anything new to the DeLorean?

  10. Greetings from “Down Under”. I only dream that we could get our hands on these models as quick as you lucky guys in America! We need to wait ages for these to filter through to the shops. Tha Audi is by far the most pretty model released in the past few cases. I agree with Minty about too many recolours as now costs heaps to get every variety.

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