Hey I found some Zamacs! Here is a 2018 update.

Twelve Hot Wheels Walmart-exclusive Zamacs released so far.  I found three of them in store.  The most recent three.  Hooray.  The other nine came via ebay and friends, but at least I have all twelve.

I am not sure why the Zamacs have been so hard to find.  Sure, the hoard epidemic has affected the Datsun 620, but on top of that, it seems not every store gets them.  I guess keeping them a little more exclusive ultimately is a good thing, but these last three are literally the first I have seen in store.  Maybe its a geography thing.  Thankfully there are other ways to get them.

It is my intention to keep collecting the line.  I have every one releases since this current run started a few years back.  The Zamacs have become a nice cross section of models that Hot Wheels has done the last few years, and they look fantastic together.  So, as long as they keep making them, I will keep collecting them.  Provided, of course, they can be found.

Here is a 2018 Zamac Update.  Six more to come:


6 thoughts on “Hey I found some Zamacs! Here is a 2018 update.

  1. I’ve been having pretty bad luck this year with finding ZAMACs. All the good ones are taken already when I do find them. I really don’t want to resort to ebay, but that may be the only place to find models like the Porsches or 620.

  2. Saw tons of #’s 10, 11 & 12, but didn’t seem too appealing, but I did grab a few of those awesome Countach Pace cars though. oh, I did see tons of the Aston so they stayed in the bin too.
    I wouldn’t mind having just the Porsche’s ’cause they are awesome!

  3. I have yet to see a single ZAMAC this year. Although this year has had some of the worst distribution in recent memory of Hot Wheels overall, so I’m not too surprised the ZAMACS did not show up. I don’t collect all ZAMACS, just the cars I like, so I’ll be hunting for the Porsches, the Aston and the Datsun.

    1. **Update**

      I found the ZAMACs and I bought every last one I could get my hands on!!!

      Now, to be clear, the only ones left were 2 of the Corvette. I’ll open one and keep the other on its card. I guess the scalpers must have missed these last 2 cars as they hoarded every other ZAMAC they could lay their hands on. In addition to the Porsches, Aston and Datsun I mentioned above, I sure would like to find the Indy Car as well.

      1. Update to my update…

        I can’t believe it! I actually found a plentiful supply of batch 2 of the ZAMACs today! They were all there in numbers; the Porsche, the Mustang and the F1 pickup. I bought 3 Porsches and an F1. I held the Mustang in my hand for awhile, but ultimately decided I didn’t have room for it in my collection. Here it is late August and these hit stores originally back in what, May?

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