Congrats Thumbs Up! Hot Wheels and the collecting community are lucky to have such a cool collector like Samuel Ace.

If you have collected Hot Wheels for awhile, and if you frequented the Hot Wheels Collectors forum back in the day, or if you read the comments here or on the Lamley YouTube Channel – or on several Hot Wheels YouTube Channels – you undoubtedly know who Samuel Ace is.

And if you think of SamAce, you can think of three words: “Congrats Thumbs Up”.

Go look at almost any previous Hot Wheels-related post here on Lamley the last year or two.  There is a good chance SamAce has shared his excitement for the model, either stating that he has it or will be on the hunt for it, followed by his signature statement, “Congrats Thumbs Up”.

Since the days of the HWC Forum, I have always enjoyed Samuel’s contributions.  From when he switched from the actual “Thumbs up” emoji to typing it because the forum took away the emojis, to his visiting other sites offering his take.

And honestly, Samuel’s excitement for all things Hot Wheels is exactly why I do this blog. He loves collecting, he loves to share his excitement and passion for the hobby and models he pursues.  Hot Wheels is clearly a big part of his life, and I am thankful for the influence his passion has on this blog and the hobby.  With all respect to all the GREAT contributors in the Lamley comments section, SamAce is my favorite.

I wanted to know more about Samuel, so I reached out to him, to ask what his favorite models were.  He was kind enough to respond.

I have been collecting hotwheels since the 1990’s. Here are my
favorite hotwheels models. Volkswagen drag bus, dairy
delivery, purple passion, convoy custom, Long gone, thunder
roller, blown delivery, Texas drive em, hiway hauler, 1955
Chevy panel, 1955 Chevy Bel air Gasser, 1971 Datsun bluebird
510 station wagon, Datsun bluebird 510, 1967 camaro, 1968
copo camaro, 2005 Ford mustang, 1963 Chevy Nova ||, 1967
Chevy C10 pickup truck, custom 1962 Chevy pickup truck,
Volkswagen kool kombi,Volkswagen T1 panel micro bus van, And
classic 1966 TV series batmobile. I enjoy opening up all of
my hotwheels and putting them on display in my cases and
looking at them everyday. And I enjoy going on the hunt
looking for newer hotwheels, older hotwheels, hard to find
car’s, and Treasure Hunt’s. And I just got a whole
bunch of new hotwheels today at Target, rite aid, and
Walmart. And Yes it does interest me. Thank you my Friend
for doing a blog about me congrats to you my Friend thumbs

Samuel doesn’t have any photos, but I can imagine that is a stellar collection.  He knows his Hot Wheels, and I think many of us have noticed that.

So has the Hot Wheels Team.  A couple of months ago, while talking to a friend on the Hot Wheels Design Team, SamAce came up.  They know exactly who he is, and we had a chat about how contagious Samuel’s passion is.

Fast forward to the Hot Wheels Convention last week.  I ran into my friend at Hot Wheels, and he handed something off to me, and asked if I could pass it along to SamAce:


This is the RLC Party Model, the Mustang Boss Hoss, signed by members of the Hot Wheels Design & Marketing Teams, including Jun Imai, Brendon Vetuskey, Steve Vandervate, Phil Riehlman, Dmitriy Shakhmatov, Jimmy Liu, Brian Benedict, and Leeway Chang.

Consider this a Thank You from the Hot Wheels Team to SamAce for all his passion for Hot Wheels.  It is contagious.  I feel it, and hope all the rest of the Lamley Readers feel it as well.

Congrats Thumbs Up SamAce!!

22 Replies to “Congrats Thumbs Up! Hot Wheels and the collecting community are lucky to have such a cool collector like Samuel Ace.”

  1. Wow.. nice gift! When I continued about the story, I wasn’t expecting a gift offering, but what an offering and also it was signed by HW’s designers too!
    Congrats thumbs up!

  2. This post made my day. Not only is SamAce a ray of sunshine in a forum full of grumpy people but he has also helped us find some great sales on Hot Wheels (three HW’s for $1 in my case, most of which were donated to charity. That autographed Boss Hoss is insanely awesome and couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy. Congrats thumbs up Sam!

    (Also cool to know how the typed “thumbs up” came to be!)

  3. Thanks Guy’s for all the nice comments and thank you to all the hotwheels designer’s and to all the staff at Mattel for signing that redline club party car Ford mustang boss how’s and for them giving it to me congrats to all of them thumbs up. And thank you for doing this blog about me congrats thumbs up. I like and I love everything out there in hotwheels and I will be collecting hotwheels for the rest of my life thumbs up. I would really like to add that redline club Party car Ford mustang boss how’s to my hotwheels collection thumbs up. Thank you everybody for everything congrats to all of you thumbs up. You all made my day thumbs up.

  4. Wow, what an awesome gift from the guys in El Segundo. It went to such a deserving soul! Congratulations Samuel. Shall we say… Thumbs up??? Haha!

  5. Yes, I have to agree…Congrats and thumbs up to you Sam! I always start to smile when I see Mr. Positivity chime in on each and every Hot Wheels post.

  6. I know it’s late but congratulation as well. Some of those favorites like the Datsun 510, etc are my favorite too.

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