Sneaks and Teases, Teases and Sneaks.

Don’t ignore the mail-in sneak.  Even though that tease might have you looking.

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  1. Well all of 2017 will be revealed before June then 2018 revealed before December

    Hot wheels should just go back to doing it monthly
    12 t hunts and 12 supers
    60 New models
    120 series models

    Back like they used to be

  2. I have no intrest in the mail ins. When you can go on the web and see one guy with 20 of one model kinda get the feeling something is up. I'm good with the teases if I cared about THs or Supers. They can't tease their main lines because there's so much garbage. MBX probably has the most verity to their main lines. Their licensed models are supurb! The only way I bother with blue is if I see there is a new batch out. I remember when Hot Wheels were pumping out GREAT models in a FE line of 40. There are models they put out in 2000 that haven't seen the light of day. They brought the Super Van back and it was a hit but what I seen vanish from the pegs. For crying out loud there are millions of liscensed models that have not been done. The best recent thing to happen for HWs is Gas Monkey! How about they put the wheels back in Hot Wheels their not called Hot Planes! Redlines are rolling over in their retired grave……..

  3. What i think Mattel should do is have someone from Mattel bring in the cases stocking the pegs and making sure the right cases are on the pegs every month take the old ones off and then at the end the year put them all in a dump bins.

  4. Hot wheels should go a year without Amy generics

    They don't sell at all cos collectors don't collect them

    Why not do a need for speed themed series

    Razors M3 GTR (or the entire blacklist 15
    New models would be
    Is300 or even an ISF
    SLr McLaren
    Bosses cars from Carbon
    Cross C6R police car
    Porsche 911 Gt2 from Undercover

  5. A bad idea (imo) in areas of plenty stores. Sclapers would follow reps from store to store and pester him/her and get everything. Stores need Department Mgrs to keep in touch with Reps which can then stop at certain stores at various times of day. They also can take BIN cars that got messed up and replace them or give the store credit.

  6. Kinda interesting how you only focus on the Blackbox era…
    (for those who aren't familiar with the NFS series, that started from right around the Underground series games)

    Might as well throw in the bonus cars from the “classic” era which EAC/EA Seattle had the keys to the series.

    And the countless (official) liveries that NFS:W had.

  7. Sure, the first few are probably simple, but weak consumer PC graphics at the time was a big limitation.

    NFS4 & 6 has bonus liveries have neat liveries both original and based off pace cars.

    Porsche Unleashed has a factory driver mode, which is rather interesting since you get to pull stunts on the skidpad. (coupled with evolution mode. simple yet effective)

    Note, I started out on NFSV, expanded to other EAC/EA Seattle era games, played them with mods, then jumped to NFS:W, so I just want to say, the NFS series is much more than just those (3) NFS games that you listed.

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