Beige isn’t bland with the latest Volvo V60 from Matchbox.

A little discussion emerged the other day in the comments section of the blog about whether it was worth collecting different colors and releases of a particular casting versus keeping just one release.

The logic for some was “Why collect more colors if you already have one decent version?”.

I get the question, and of course any one person can collect any way they want.  But I love that models are released in several colors and decos over an extended piece of time.  Put me squarely in the “more the merrier” camp, especially on the castings I really like.

Don’t like this year’s release?  There is always next year.  And as the collection grows, those you don’t like get lost in a sea of those you do.

All that said, one of the reasons I have always been drawn to Matchbox is that they tend to do a variety of colors versus a variety of decos.  It seems Hot Wheels will try and stay true to a real car on its first release, but run with an “anything goes” on subsequent releases.  Matchbox might release a stock color one year, and then another stock color the next.  It means there are a lot more models I will like.

Case in point?  The Matchbox Volvo V60.

The V60 is an instant fave, and I know I am not alone.  A great model choice, and near perfect execution.  Then add to that a stellar debut in Polestar Blue.  Honestly, there could not be a better choice.  It would be extremely hard to top.

So Matchbox didn’t try.  For the 2017 version, they went the other way, going from super sporty Polestar Blue to everyday Beige.  Or as Volvo puts it, Twilight Bronze Metallic, which really is only available on the Cross Country.  A beige wagon isn’t going to spark a double take, but it is something you see on the road.  A lot.

On its own, maybe the beige V60 is a little, well, beige.  But next to the first release, a cool collection is born.  Maybe the next version goes sporty again, or maybe another basic color.  Or maybe something as sweet as this:

Black with the Matchbox 5-spokes in graphite?  I’m in.

There are bound to be many versions to come.  The beige makes a nice addition.

As always, thanks to Mattel for providing the model for this preview.  Look for it in 2017 Mix H.

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  1. Sweetness… Matchbox at its best. A very contrasting conservative color against the first release.

    Now it's becoming more and more difficult to find MBX in stores – in and around my area, the only place I could see them sparsely is Dollar Store. And I could never guess when a Dollar Store would order for a new batch. It's mere luck. Toys R US seem to want to sell MBX, but all their pegs are clogged up with the extensively huge bunch of generics that just won't move out of pegs. There is no way these are going to be replaced in the next 4 or 5 months and by then we lose about 4 batches.

    I can't think of a solution unless the whole line is over-hauled.

  2. I could not agree more with the “black with 5-spoke graphite wheels” thought, John. I can picture it making a PERFECT pair with the black Audi RS6 Avant from back in the golden years.

    Like others, I am worried about getting my hands on this. Literally the only reason I have the blue first edition of the V60 is because I happened to find a case of MB in a Walmart at midnight that hadn't been put on the pegs by the employees yet…for about 5 minutes, I became “that guy” that takes his car keys out and tears into a fresh case. And I was lucky in that instance, but not others. For example, I was never able to snag the MB MX-5 Miata, so I don't have one of those yet. The distribution issues and choice of castings that they put in each case remains a real problem.

  3. I absolutely love the original release in Polestar blue! It was very difficult to find and I only saw it once. This second release in beige I think will be far more easy to find. While I love this casting, I just don't know if I personally care for the beige. I may skip this one.

  4. I absolutely love the original release of this Volvo. Especially in Polestar blue. It was a chore to find, but I eventually managed to find one (and only one). I have a feeling the second release will be much easier to come by. I'm not sure I'm sold on the beige, personally.

  5. I am not struck on the blue one but got it anyways.The beige is really nice just hope i can find one.. also would like to see it in black and silver ..also a sedan.I have two hatchbacks and a Suv one hope there are more styles coming

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