Lamley Showcase: The Mattel Fast & Furious Line (with a little sneak peek)…

A look at the brand new Mattel Fast & Furious line, with a preview of more models coming.  Thanks to Mattel for the preview models.  Photos and write-up coming soon…

Enjoy the video.

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  1. really nice sculpts on those, details really nice. Great pricepoint in stores too for that quality. I'm happy not rubber wheels, in case I want to run one on a track or roll it across the floor with my son. Definitely would love to see some Skylines too.
    I'd love to see them do more entertainment property stuff too, more than just Fast and Furious, with all the detail, but meant to be played with (no rubber tires).

  2. Really love the details and the scupts. I prefer that they don't put rubber tire, just the really nice rims with the plastic wheels. That better to play with them, with my son. That way we can roll them across the floor, or down a track. These are very nice. I hope they continue to do more things like this with other entertainment properties.

  3. some nice cars in there but really bad about the scale as they won`t fit between my others and don`t want to start a display only for them as I like most but not all and would not collect them all

  4. Oh, yes. I'll be all over that Ripsaw. I hope we'll get the Gurkha from Fast Five, as well as Letty's Jensen Interceptor from Fast 6. The upcoming Tokyo Drift RX7 is also at the top of my want list.

  5. Its an odd scale. I think more people will buy them if they fit in Well with 1:64 cars. Not many people I know collect 1:50ish cars. This is why I dislike JADA. So….no thanks Mattel

  6. I've been seeing them at Target. Notable thoughts:

    I think I will wait for the HW Ice Charger. But it's still on my list regardless.
    Really turned off by the Escort's chrome-ish front and the whole greenhouse. It was better with HW.
    Want a Flip Car. Wish it was available in 1:64, then I would have an absolute field day.
    I give much love to the Daytona, since I see that as the only good model proportion-wise. Even the 1:24 is sized a bit weird in the rear.
    I might get a The Fast and the Furious Charger for the sake of train flipping.

    Nota Bene: Letty drives the Corvette. According to the F8 trailer, she uses that in New York to catch “betrayed” Dom. The Ripsaw appears to be used by the protagonists (Tej?). The Ford Victoria is in a Cuba drag race. Protagonist, my guess.
    Mattel also appears to not have any licensing from Toyota for their 1:55 line, which I find really strange. Look at the train jump set that's been released, and only the Charger is shown, with the Supra picture cropped out.

  7. For $4 these are absolute garbage. Plastic base, plastic tires, inaccurate casts, weird scale. Mattel missed an enormous opportunity here. For 5$ you can get a 1:64 all metal semi accurate casting with rubber tires.

  8. I like these, you r missing the green 4×4 challenger tho. that being said, ill be going 4 the mxt and the 4×4 challenger, as well as the vette, some of these r castings that jada hsz covered some not, the only thing I don't like about the mxt is the plastic bed, but is sgtill a sweetrig

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