Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels F Case…

2017 Hot Wheels Batch F at Wheel Collectors

Ok, right out of the gate, you might be wondering where the 2017 Hot Wheels E Case Report is.  So am I.  So is Wheel Collectors.  Of all things, the shipping company lost their pallet, and it has yet to arrive.  The E Cases were supposed to arrive last week, and are now apparently found and on their way.

But in the meantime, in a bit of a surprise, the International F Cases arrived today.  Crazy.

So, as soon as Wheel Collectors gets their E Cases, we will post a Case Report.  And I have an E Case Unboxing coming up soon as well.  For now, let’s jump a little further along and check out the F Case.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

As always, Matt & Matt picked a case off the pallet at random, and photographed its contents 3-by-3 as they pulled them out.  You can see all the models listed here:

2017 Hot Wheels Batch F at Wheel Collectors

On with the Report.  Look for the new wheels – they are appearing on a few models here – and once again we get to play “Spot the Error”.


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  1. Well there is only a few I'll need from this batch. HWs really going nuts on recolors and generics of late. What happened to the days of 43 new mainlines and most being licsened? I never thought I'd say this but HWs is putting out more junk than MBX latley! It is hard enough trolling the pegs as it is but now you have tons of peg warmers falling all over the place. It really sucks there has to be a better way?

    I really don't understand why that have to have all these sub-categories. Have three, FEs, collectors and junk or for the kids. After all, by now between HWs and MBX you would think Mattel would know who is buying what. I really have to rant here because I am getting sick of going into stores on my day off and having shit fall all over the place. It's unnecessary, it's overkill and it's aggravating. I mean if they want to put out stuff that don't sell which is apparently what they want to do given what they did with MBX and now with HWs. Is it for tax reasons or something? I just don't get it, it's a waste!

  2. I haven't spotted the error, it would seem that it could be a smaller yellow wheel on the back of the second night shifter, but that could be an optical illusion. I see a few I would like to get from this bunch, but not too many, especially nowhere near even 10% of the case and if I am that turned off, then what are we to think about the kids and what they might want, but hey, they are stuck in the toy aisle and not in the automotive department. I will just be happy when my Walmart stores will clean up the mess that is the post Christmas shopping and start putting something, anything, new onto the shelves.

  3. I have to agree with John nilsson. It really does boggle the mind that hot Wheels by now still can't figure out the amount of peg warmers they're churning out. Its as if those who are in charge of hot wheels have never stepped foot in a single toy section in all their lives. All you need to do is just step foot in two random store and you'll instantly know what cars are junk. Hot wheels and MBX have rules about how many pieces a casting can have…..but how about a rule of not wasting materials on a gazillion junk peg warmers.

  4. Not so exciting as the E case, but I'll be hunting for the Mini, re-coloured Fairlady and the Lil' Blue Express. I've not seen any F case cars yet but they are here in the UK as others have reported.

  5. Quite a strong case with the corvette, custom 56 ford, lambo, porsche, li'l express in blue, lincoln continental recolor in blue, even the aristo rat in green looks good. Not too keen on the purple CRASH. I'll look for the gotta go as it looks like a good track car. I'm not a purist – i just like what i like.

  6. If I'm not mistaken, the error would be the tampo-less Dodge Daytona 'Tooned' and the wheel change is the yellow Lambo Huracan Super Trofeo with PR5s instead of the 10sp wheels….

    Correct me if I'm wrong

  7. Not trying to be a jerk , but it looks liek a lot of junk. two most popular castings only have one per box, but then there are multiples of cars that are current peg warmers like the speedy perez, tarmac attack, etc. Shittier than a toilet car hotwheel, that's right there is one of those as well.

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