The stunning Matchbox "Modell Hobby Spiel" BMW M5 Notarzt exclusive, and how to get one…

Matchbox Modell Hobby Spiel BMW M5 at the Moyshop eBay store

It is always fun to show models like this one.  And not just because the model is a beauty, but because the dude who works with Matchbox to make it happen each year is a great dude too.

Right about now, toy collectors from Germany, Europe, and beyond are congregating in Leipzig, Germany, for the annual “Modell Hobby Spiel” Toy Show.  My guess is you can see just about anything there, but go for the Matchbox.

Each year at the show, Dirk Schleuer, that great dude I was talking about, and who you know as the last Matchbox Ambassador, sets up a massive display for his Matchbox store, Moyshop.  And most years, he commissions a Code 1 Model from Matchbox to make available to attendees at the show.

Over the years, the exclusives that Dirk has had commissioned have become must-haves.  The BMW 1M from 2014 that pays homage to the 3.0 CSL Race Car is been a favorite of many collectors, but there have been others, like the T34 Karmann Ghia and Mercedes-Benz CLS.  Of course, if Dirk can do a replica of a German carmaker, he will.

So enter this year’s exclusive, the BMW M5 in Notarzt livery.

Thankfully I can type Notarzt instead of trying to pronounce it like I had to on the video yesterday, but Notarzt is German for emergency doctor.  Dirk can correct me if I am off a bit, but this BMW would serve as the vehicle for a doctor to get to the scene of a medical emergency.  And the car is always marked in orange and white.

And of course it is always nice to see the full detailing on the model.  Front and rear tampos that make you happy to have the model, and a little more passionate about convincing Mattel to make Matchbox a $2 brand.

Add in a plexiglass case, and you have an exclusive that will sit beautifully next to the Miata and A100 from the Gathering in July.

Thankfully, Dirk always puts a few aside for those of us who can’t make to Germany for the show, and they are now listed in the Moyshop eBay store:

Matchbox Modell Hobby Spiel BMW M5 at the Moyshop eBay store

So those of you attending in Germany, enjoy the show!  Dirk will most likely be sharing some on his Instagram feed, and I will be watching.  Glad attendees are getting such a cool model this year…

4 Replies to “The stunning Matchbox "Modell Hobby Spiel" BMW M5 Notarzt exclusive, and how to get one…”

  1. I think this is probably one of the best models Matchbox has made in a long time. Awesome model, very interesting and significant livery and of course full front and rear tampos. If this is how Matchbox would make all of its models (full front and rear detailing) I wouldn't mind paying twice the price of now.

  2. Nice model, but this should be a mainline. I enjoy collecting toy and model German emergency vehicles (Siku turned me onto them), but $50 will buy me many larger scale fine replicas, HO scale models way finer than this Matchbox, and quite a few 1:55 or larger Siku. I see $10 tops with the plastic case, $50 is a bit of a crazy price.

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