Matchbox goes current in 2017 with the BMW i3 and Chevy Camaro Convertible…

So when you are looking at what is coming in a given year from Matchbox, there are always a few slots to fill.

There has to be a firetruck.  There has to be a classic police car.  And maybe a current police car.  There is of course a construction vehicle.  These days an off-road vehicle.  A classic car.  A pickup.  And on and on.

Of course some of that has been diluted in muck the last few years, but it seems we are returning to some of those slots again.  One is the common street car done as stock as possible.  The other is that current car that is a little more interesting than most.

The stock street car?  The 2017 Chevy Camaro Convertible.  No large rear wheel, just the latest Camaro looking like it does coming right off the lot.  That interesting model?  Of course its the BMW i3.

These images are the 3D prints of the models, as provided by Matchbox at the Gathering in July, so there is a lot to happen on both.  But so far, I like what I see.  The windshield on the Camaro needs to be a bit higher, and I am very curious how the detailing of the i3 will be done, but if what we see stays relatively the same, both should be pretty popular.

And sure, the i3 will mostly likely bring out a few opinions.  It is not what I would call a car enthusiast’s car, but I do like when Matchbox does replicas like this.  And, just between you and me, the real car is growing on me.  Don’t tell anyone.  Still, it’s companion car, the i8, might be a slightly more exciting choice.  But I will take the i3.

I have no idea when these will hit, but I can safely say it will be sometime in 2017.  It is that kind of info that brings you back each day to Lamley, isn’t it?  You’re welcome.

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  1. it's strange. In the real world the Camaro is a much more desiring car than the BMW. But in the Matchbox universe the BMW is the one that I prefer. These aberrant models that Matchbox always comes up with are so 'cute', I just can't withstand them. It will be a long wait for it to come, the Evoque hasn't appeared jet here in Holland……….

  2. As for the Camaro, I have to saw about damn time. This is the type of car that should be in the line and lots of them. Not American but current and relevant models. I like the I3. I think it will do well outside the USA. (That is if they can find them). I would have preferred the I8 but I am sure that would be a manufacturing nightmare with the restrictions they have.

    As for cars that should be in the line up all the time:
    Current police car (not classic) – ROW and USA Models
    Fire trucks – more than 1
    Construction – more than 1
    Farm models – more than 1
    Mustang – current
    Camaro – Current
    Porsche – at least 2
    Luxury sedan – 2-3
    Sports cars – lots
    Family cars – several
    work trucks- several
    pick ups off roaders etc, several
    A plane or helicopter
    A boat or 2

    If the line is aimed at kids then give them the cars to use their imagination but yet keep it reality based. But also if the age is trending down, make the cars relevant to the parents who are picking them out.


  3. I agree with Jeff Webster. The Matchbox line should definitely be more diverse for both kids and parents alike, but kept reality based. I mean what kid is really gonna want a lifted School Bus or Fire Truck or some crappy-looking off-road S.U.V. or Construction vehicle? Or better yet, those generic Hot Wheel looking sports cars (Whiplash and Turn Tamer) that Matchbox made a couple years ago that became and still are pegwarmers?

    I miss the Golden Age of Matchbox (2006-2011) when passenger vehicles made the majority of the lineup. I, being a kid in those days, really enjoyed the variety of cars to play with. When I was a kid, I didn't like fantasy cars. I loved and still love passenger vehicles. So any realistic passenger vehicle that came out, I grabbed and instantly played with right when it got home.

    As for Jeff's list, that's the way it should be and always should've been. If it wasn't for that drastic change in direction from 2012, Matchbox wouldn't have had to recover for the last few years. They would be an instant success. But, 2017 is looking pretty good so it's not like they're completely tarnished.

  4. the i3 looks like a damn panda. I wonder what wheels they will use to be true to scale, I know the real car has the dumbest sized wheel and tire combo out there. It is like 195-30-20. Basically a super tall skinny low pro.

    I really would like to see drivers and or passengers added to the molds of convertibles. Like maybe they could do a driver, and have a passenger variant.

  5. The BMW i3 is more desirable because it's more unique. The Camaro is just like the Mustang: they're everywhere, everybody makes them. They're like a “dime-a-dozen”. common. And common gets boring at times.

    I'd rather have the i3 myself. Maybe MBX can give us an i8 next year.

  6. I wonder what color the Camaro will sport. Anyway, these are the kind of models I want from Matchbox. Sports cars, family cars, classic cars and SUVs. No generic crap because no one is interested in them. I wish Matchbox did an i8 instead. Its a much more desirable car and one that has Matchbox written all over it. Matchbox, are you listening?

  7. I agree 100% with all of you. I want to see more of the cars on the road that weren't as popular as the Mustang or any popular models. And yes, those Turn Tamers are a peg favorite like you said. I want Bentleys, maybe a new Rolls, some new Bimmers, older GM motors vehicles, just something different than the usual molds you've made 1000 times over

  8. Looking forward to both of these but particularly the i3. Such a great left field choice. Interestingly an i3 would give a smaller engined Camaro a run for its money. Look at the speedo at the end. (Its in mph) By coincidence I went to look at one half seriously this week. Great car and I'd have one tomorrow but…I do occasionally need a 5th seat and its really quite expensive. Now if they halved the price. So a £1 Matchbox will be great. White or silver please chaps. Chris

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