Hot Wheels Gran Turismo is appearing at US East Coast Walgreens stores…

photo credit: Dan Pardo

(UPDATE: Not five minutes into this posting and I have gotten several reports of them being found in California Walgreens as well.  So everyone go look!)

Over the last 24 hours, I have received countless messages from collectors who have found the ever-elusive Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Assortment at Walgreens.

The only caveat?  Everyone who has reported finding them lives in the Eastern US.  (Canadian collectors, wipe that smug look off your face.  We know you have had them for awhile.  By the way, where are the Car Culture Trucks?)  Dan Pardo of Florida, Jim Woodburn of Maryland, and Freddy Roshe of Miami all sent photos.

So, while you are out hunting Walgreens for exclusive Hot Wheels Dodge Rams and other N Case models, keep an eye out for Gran Turismo and even Car Culture Euro Style.

And if anyone out west finds these, let us know…

photo credit: Jim Woodburn
photo credit: Freddy Roshe

13 Replies to “Hot Wheels Gran Turismo is appearing at US East Coast Walgreens stores…”

  1. Can't wait to get these. As an aside, I found three sets of the Car Culture Trucks($3.49 ea) in a Walmart in Richardson TX and 4 Trucks at a TRU($5.99 ea!) in Irving TX (both are 'burbs of Dallas).

  2. Trucks are hitting Targets in Georgia!! We have had them over the last 2 weeks here. Walmarts also have done toy department resets and have added the Car Culture label on the pegs. Keep hunting and good luck! I bought 2 cases for my friends and myself this past week. Another friend grabbed two sets as well.

  3. Well, I spent better part of yesterday scouring the Houston Walgreens near me and came up with butkiss, but I will keep looking and hopefully find some goodies tomorrow.

  4. Checked only 3 Walgreens here in MD… haven't seen the GT cars yet but found two Minecraft Minecarts and grabbed the Exclusive Walgreens Dodge truck.

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