Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox J Case…

Matchbox 2016 J Case at Wheel Collectors

How is this for timing.

While all the Matchbox nerds are in Albuquerque celebrating the Matchbox Gathering, Matchbox drops the J case with the hobby dealers.

Wheel Collectors just got their shipment of the Matchbox 2016 J Case and as always, sent over a Case Report.  You can find all the models listed at their store:

Matchbox 2016 J Case at Wheel Collectors

As we continue to watch the Matchbox 24-count cases evolve, let’s see how the J Case stacks up:

10 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox J Case…”

  1. WOW.. a red Lambo. Way nice and should have been included in the 2016 World line with those funky toothy tire/rim combos.
    Did I spy an Infinity?

  2. I managed to get a hand full of Evoques in the UK – i nearly poo'd myself when i saw them, i was like a child in a sweet factory – also got an MX-5, four green Fire Engines (Seagrave) three Corvettes, two mudstangs (God they are dreadful) wish i only got one now, but Morrisons came up trumps – well chuffed.

    I can not wait to get the LM, The 300 in red is like the SRT version, will look awesome in black – GANGSTA, the A100 and Transporter – Come on Mattel – you have had three years to get some sort of distribution sorted, and it is still dire.

    My model supplier says that he can order direct from Mattel in the UK but they want £30,000 THIRTY GRAND, your taking the wee wee, reduce it to £5,000, give us smaller case sizes, we do not get the small MBX Case size here, do the same with the HOT WHEELS – and i will order a case at a time from him, i cant afford to buy 72 case sizes in one hit, but reduce them to 24 and you will get more case buyers – it is simple – why cant you do it ????

  3. Again most in this wave are generic peg hangers. Overhere only one wave this year because the pegs are full with unsold non-licenced models.

    Second colour for the infiniti finally,this almost took a decade!!

  4. Did anyone notice that the tampo on the side of the Prospector says 'Road Tripper'? I thought the whole point of changing the model's name to 'Prospector' was because 'tripper' is the German word for gonorrhea. Bizarre!

  5. Infiniti G37 is back!!! YAAYY!!! I demand a first look ASAP. Other highlights for me are the Chrysler 300C and the red Lamborghini LM002. I can't wait to get these in my hand, but I might have to try different ways to acquire them.

  6. I saw these batch hit eBay not too long ago. Just like many previous batches with the exception of one batch (batch F), it's not the most exciting. Lots and lots of off-road and construction generic pegwarmers! C'mon Matchbox! I thought you were supposed to ease off on that!

    The only ones worth looking for are, well, non-surprisingly, the licensed vehicles: The new Chrysler 300C (which looks fantastic! I will give Matchbox credit for that one!), Lambo LM002, Infinity G37 (Glad to see this back! Took five years though! Really Matchbox?) and the carryover Transporter and A100.

    Hopefully Matchbox will address something promising at the Gathering. Hopefully 2017 will be like what we all want it to be: lots more licensed vehicles and less generic crap!

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