The fabulous Matchbox BMW 1M continues its stellar run in gold…

Thank goodness for the BMW 1M…

During those darker days at Matchbox a couple of years ago (they weren’t as dark as people think, but that is an article for another time), the BMW emerged as a New Model and has been a collector fave since.

It was such a surprise choice for a model.  BMW’s are always welcome, but instead of another 3 or 5 Series, Matchbox chose to do what will surely be a future classic.  The 1 Series was short lived, the M version was made in super low numbers, but it was widely praised as a home run by BMW.  And I think among the car nerds it will always be considered a gem.

That is why having a Matchbox version is so cool, and one of the reasons the BMW 1M is one of my all-time favorite Matchbox models.  And I know I am not alone in that.

And when I love a casting, I love seeing it being used.  A lot.  The 1M – or M1 as BMW requested it be called for a time, confusing everyone – has been in the basic range every year since its debut.  We have also seen it as a Convention Exclusive in Germany (in a CSL Racing homage deco) and a Best of World model.  There is a rumor of another version in the works as well.  More on that later.

The 2016 basic range is no exception.  Later this year, in Batch M, the 1M will reemerge in gold.  And not surprisingly, it looks great.

The 1M returns to the 10-spoke wheels after a foray on the 6-spokes last year and 2-piece wheels for Best of.  The 10-spokes are the appropriate wheels I think, although I have a hankering for the 5-spokes on this one, maybe black with a white body?  Hmmmm I might have to harass the team about that.

Nonetheless, nice to see the 1M in its standard place in the range.  Here’s hoping it continues…

All six so far:

And as a bonus, the prototype:

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