Case Report: Opening a 15-year-old Matchbox 72-count case from 2001…

First up, thanks for putting up with me as I figure out how to film an unboxing.  I will work to make them shorter and smoother.  As I continue on, I will get better.  Thanks to all who have subscribed, and for all the support from so many of you.

But this is fun, especially when the subject is a sealed 15-year-old case from Matchbox.  I literally did not have any idea what I was going to find when I cut it open, so you get to watch it all unfold on the video.

I won’t steal any thunder from the video, so just watch.  Look for photos of some of my favorite models from the case later today.

As always, many thanks to Wheel Collectors for allowing me to open these.  All these models, minus a couple (you will see), are heading back to the shop and will be available soon:

Wheel Collectors ebay store

I promise you will enjoy seeing what was unearthed.  Enjoy:

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  2. Looks like a pretty good case. I mostly see licensed or realistic generics in there, which is nothing like the mostly generic models found in stores 15 years later.. Whoa, 5 of the LLV! I remember that casting fondly, as I got one way back when, as my father is a letter carrier. I recognize a few more.

    Many of those I have from childhood, as KB Toys used to stock Matchbox well at the time, when I was only 5!

  3. Nice video! Some cool castings in that case…Would be great if mbx reused the 3 series coupe casting like they have the X5…interesting to see the Isuzu Rodeo too- the same casting was sold as a Vauxhall/Opel Frontera here…

  4. Nice video! Some cool castings in that case…Would be great if mbx reused the 3 series coupe casting like they have the X5…interesting to see the Isuzu Rodeo too- the same casting was sold as a Vauxhall/Opel Frontera here…

  5. The more I watch the more I wanted to improvise and provide some insight to the case, lol.

    Ok, so I know more about the case since I collected during that time and I also have a time capsule container that contains all of the Matchbox 2000 1-100 cars and a few 5-packs and other specialties. The case here is the first case of 2001 that also contains the cars from the 2000 line (the higher the collector number on the package it is a 2000 model; the lower the number it is a 2001 model.) . Other tidbits about the case:

    1. The flower pedal wheels were new for 2001, despised by many MB collectors, yet because there was still leftover 5-spokes from the factory there was a variation of both during the transfer of the new wheels. Same goes for the off-road wheels as well.

    2. Metal bases (for a brief while on these castings): BMW 3-series coupe, Corvette C5 Coupe, Dodge Viper GTS, Ford Crown Vic Police, '56 Ford Truck, Land Rover Freelander.

    3. Because of the front pushbar that when you move it forward rotates the gun turret at the back the Battering Ram does not have an interior.

    4. That's not a Ford Escort, but a Ford Focus one of my favorite castings from 2000, also has wheel variations with the 5-spoke and flower pedal wheels.

    5. The white Concept 1 Beetle is the 2000 version, the silver is the 2001 version.

    6. The USPS mail truck: The blacked-out 5-spoke is the 2000 model and the blacked-out flower pedal wheels version is the 2001 version. Again note the difference in collector numbers. Also the 2001 has a slight color difference in the deco compared to the 2000 version.

    7. I don't believe the GMC bucket truck was in the Superfast line later on, but what is interesting about the one in the video is that this was the first and only release with the three axles, then disappears for a few years before returning again modified with only two axles.

    8. The Isuzu Rodeo was badged as the Vauxhall Frontera in ROW market versions (with a different deco).

    9. The 1999 Ford Mustang has a plastic roof because it was a dual-purpose casting: coupe and convertible. Both were featured in the 2000 line.

    9. The Ford Ambulance is the 1997 version with all metal body, but no interior. The current Ford Ambulance started with a metal cab/plastic rear section, now all plastic, but at least has an interior.

    10. Some of the Matchbox 2000 models have the treasure hunt variant: the white Matchbox 2000 logo. However, ALL of the Matchbox 2000 models with this logo are featured on the older 2000 design cards only.

    11. The BMW 8-series coupe is an older casting, all metal body and base, shocks, and the doors open. Sadly this was the last use this casting that would be seen in the Matchbox line.

    I hope this information helps!

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