Hot Wheels & Falken Tire unveil the latest color of the Porsche 934…

It looks like we can expect another color of this year’s Hot Wheels Porsche 934 in Falken Tire livery. Falken Tire tweeted the pic above taken by Hot Wheels.  Where, and how they got that Jagermeister 934 to pose with it definitely tingles the Spidey Sense.

Not that it is a surprise, and neither is the recolor choice.  Following the blue and green version, the next will be silver.  Just like the Custom Mustang.  And the Supra.  And the Cuda.  And that is awesome.

I love the consistency of these models and the livery.  Falken Tire has created an iconic racing livery, and it is great to see in small scale.  While I don’t think there has been a Porsche 934 sporting the livery in 1:1 scale, this is an excellent choice.

Maybe I should do a post upcoming where we can vote for the next model we would like to see in this livery.  Might be fun…

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  1. What's a classic Hot Wheels casting I love to see in Falken colours? I'd say the '67 Camaro but I suspect the Summit Camaro from a couple of years ago was the last time we'd see it as a mainline, unless they remove the opening hood and change the chassis to plastic.

    Oh, maybe the '80s Corvette.

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