First Look: 2015 Matchbox ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS in black…

Matchbox has taken a delicate approach to their beloved ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS.  It seems after a few stock examples are made, new designs come in, and the open canvas approach is taken.  
This is a Hot Wheels staple.  We get stock in year one, all kinds of shenanigans thereafter.  Matchbox hasn’t always heeded to that creed, but it does creep in more now than it has in the past.
But not with the Mustang.  Every version since its debut has donned the side stripe that makes the GT/CS the GT/CS.  Of course, the side stripe was a signature feature of the California Special, so if they don’t include it, the model is theoretically no longer a CS.
So whether of not that was a choice of the Matchbox folk, or something forced upon them by Ford, doesn’t matter.  What matters is the more this model comes out, the more we get to add good looking models to the collection.  It was the easiest current Matchbox models to collect.  It always looks good.
The latest is no exception.  I have no idea if gold on black was a stock color for the CS, but I do know that gold over black looks good on just about any Mustang.  It is best known as the color on the special Shelby Mustang made for Hertz throughout the years, and it looks splendid here.  
We will do a post showing all the California Specials soon.  For now, ogle over this one:
2015 Matchbox ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS:

7 Replies to “First Look: 2015 Matchbox ’68 Ford Mustang GT/CS in black…”

  1. There are THOUSANDS of US cars, and 100,000's of thousands of car brands and models from all of history, yet the Mustang continues to be milked, and wow is it getting boring, yes this does look nice in black, i would buy anything i see if it is in black, but between the blue brand and the orange brand there must be double figures of Mustangs from various times.

    Why cant we have something else for a change, How about an MGB, or an E-Type convertible, what about an Edsel, now that would be a cool car, Delahaye, Bugatti, How about some classic Mercedes or Audi's, some modern day VW's, come on, start to get real, and stop with the same old same old…..

    I am sure others will not agree, however thats my opinion.

  2. I don't think gold stripes were available in 68. The black cars I have seen had white stripes. The MB version is nice but one was enough for me. I too like to see new stuff which is why 910 cars I get are from the Japanese die cast market.

  3. HW makes an Edsel and it rots on the hooks when it's released. MBX already has enough trouble rotting let alone if they make an Edsel.

  4. Well, part of the reason the Edsel “rots” on the pegs is because it is always in a premium line. Granted, the only one I have seen that could be considered a peg warmer was the blue Retro Entertainment release for American Graffiti.

    As for the Mustang, this is a fantastic casting. One that I do not think any other brand has done.

  5. Never seen an Edsel on the mainline, and the fact is that all the premium lines have failed eventually because they are just to expensive, why make a car that's just in the premium range and then dump it, put it in the mainline, give it a chance, i have an opinion, MBX is only rotting because of the crappy generics, get more real cars in, and sales will grow, that's been proven time and again, when decent real products were reproduced.

  6. I'm sorry if it's a bit off topic and I don't mean to sound like a “broken record” but does Matchbox have any intention of producing die cast versions of the Cadillac One Limo and the Generic Beach Buggy for the 2015 line up? (I'm definitely looking forward to the Cadillac One Limo) but however if it's cancelled I'm prepared though I'm not exactly content about it.

    Regarding the die cast '68 Mustang I have nothing against it however I'm not particularly enthusiastic about it so therefore I'm not interested in purchasing it.

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