Collectors, never fear: The first batch of 2015 HW Zamacs will be released, and more Fast & Furious is on its way…

Just a quick update for collectors fretting about a few recent Hot Wheels models that seem to be hard to find:

Hot Wheels 2015 Walmart Zamac Exclusive #1-3:

We got a lot of questions about where these have gone.  The Lamborghini Veneno, ’10 Ford Shelby GT500, and ’68 El Camino never showed at Walmart stores with Batch E.  The questions really started streaming in when Batch G was recently released, and Zamacs #4-6 were included.

Well don’t fear, you will have your chance to get these three, it just may not be for a few months.  Some of you are aware of the recent labor issues at the Los Angeles Port.  Among much bigger issues, Mattel’s toy distribution was greatly affected, and many shipments sat, unable to be shipped to their destinations.  That included the large Batch E bins, which included the Zamacs.  You may remember that most E batches came in small bins or individual pegged cases.

And while they sat, newer batches, including F and G, made their way to shore.  And since Walmart wants their product current, they bypassed the large bins and took F and G.  So E sat, and sat, and sat.

So the Batch E Zamacs have been produced, and will make it stores, but probably not until the stores need extra large orders.  That means the holidays.  Of course it could be earlier, but later this year seems more likely.  Ultimately, they will come, no one knows exactly when.

2015 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious:

At least these exist.  But from what we have heard, and seen locally, not every store has gotten a bin.  And considering the popularity of Furious 7, it isn’t just kids and Hot Wheels collectors that want these models.  That means the stores that have gotten bins have sold out quickly.  And of course when demand increases, so do prices on eBay, and that gives sellers the ideas of buying stores out.

And that has been happening.  But if you haven’t had luck finding them, don’t fret.  Once again, because of the labor strike at the port, only half of the order has shipped to stores.  The other half is due to hit within the next 2-3 weeks, meaning many of the stores that haven’t had them will get them. Hopefully that means those that want them will find them, and the desire of others to buy all of them for future profit will wane.

We will see…

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  1. I agree, my favorite veneno is the silver with Italy stripes version and the Zamac looks breathtaking. I guess I got lucky with the f&f set. Got a set and 3 doubles in the last 3 days. The doubles are for a jdm obsessed friend, so obviously it's the supra, 350z, and Subaru. And no, they immediately were freed from the constricting plastic prison. The Subaru is the weakest, as it's size is wrong, it's smaller than everything else, and the least detailed. The best is a tie for me between the Ford GT, which is simple and gorgeous, or the 350z which is easily one of my favorite cars I own now. The torino is pretty high up too, but the green base kills me.

  2. The F&F have already arrived here in Brazil, but 20 BRL (almost 7 USD) each is way too much for a slightly improved mainline, they will probably warm the pegs. In comparison, Retro is sold here at 8 USD.

  3. Wal-Mart in Natomas, North Sacramento, has a F&F bin. I think they arrived on Monday the 6th, or perhaps today in the morning of the 7th. They looked somewhat picked over, but there were way less 350Zs than all the rest. I only saw three of those versus dozens of the others. I feel like Mattel is waning off the idea of chase vehicles in their eight car sets. I think there is more appeal to collectors to get the entire set (or two or more sets) if they know they can get them all in one shot, without eBay price markups. Paying $20+ per chase made me a lot less likely to have a duplicate set. I think its a good idea; leave the crazy hoarders and scavengers at least to the Supers, and leave something for the average collector to feel good about haha!.

  4. Cars like the '67 Mustang and Crooze Batmobile are not chases. They are not evenly packed/distributed. Proper chases are like the Kryptonite Phastasm and New Year's Carbonators.

  5. Okay, thank you. The idea remains the same; there hasn't been a 2-of-72 vehicle in the 8 car sets since the Spiderman set if I remember correctly. All sets since then have been evenly distributed

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