Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Honda S2000 & Datsun 240Z recolor…

The run of good news for JDM fans continues…
Two more j-tin Hot Wheels models for 2015 have been unveiled, and they should have quite a few of you scouring the pegs.  First up is the 2015 deco for the Honda S2000, which sports the logo of the suspension gurus Tein.
The S2K, which looks great in white, has become such a mainstay and a bit of a surprising “oft-used” model.  Ryu Asada’s design continues to look really good, no matter what color, wheels, or design it carries.

Also unveiled late last week was the recolored Datsun 240Z, as shown by Japanese Nostalgic Car, whose logo once again graces the model:

We agree with JNC, in that this may be the best this casting has ever looked.  The initial black deco was nice, but this one takes the design much further.  The base white makes it very Japanese, and the greyed-out wheels are perfect.

There is a lot more to come this year, some we know about, some we don’t.  Just keep checking back…

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  1. Both have lots of potential to be great custom bases, just delete some tampos here, add some of your own there, cool wheels, a rollcage or two and you're set.

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