Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra 3-car Chase set…

Well this one made our evening a little hectic last night…

Lamley reader Brian Blackhurst of San Diego, California sent us this interesting photo yesterday afternoon, of a morning find at a local Target:

This made us a little skeptical.  Brian has sent us pics of his finds before, of Supers and such, but this one was odd.  First off, this is a 2014 release.  Second, it was not a Super.  Third, we have heard nothing about it.  Our obvious thought was a placed custom, or one of those shenanigan customs from the factory.

But after a discussion with one of our Mattel contacts, we got the rundown (after his surprise it was already out), and yeah, we will be hitting Target.  A lot.

From our contact:

This is the first of a 3-car chase series that will include three different store chains, as well as three major Hot Wheels licensors.  And they will ALL be the same Toyota Supra casting.  This is the first, the Falken Tire Supra from last year, and will be exclusive to Target.  The second will be a special chase version of the Supra included in the Fast & Furious series at Walmart, due later this month.  The last we have already seen as well.  It is the GReddy Supra that will be included in Kroger shippers as part of a promotion mid-summer.

All will include a similar livery on the hood, which includes the featured licensor, as well as the “TH”  logo somewhere on the car.  So are they considered Supers?  Our contact at Mattel was more comfortable with the term “Chase”, as these will be separate from the 15 Supers included in the 2015 assortment.

Will they be easy to find?  We have no idea.  But we will be looking, probably along with every other JDM and Super-obsessed collector.

We will see you at the pegs…

7 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra 3-car Chase set…”

  1. Are you seriously suggesting that an already hard to find Super-hunt is a Chase? You're out of your mind.
    And if this is what Tim believes it is, then

    April Fools troll level: Lamley.

    On serious note, this Falken Tyres is one of the better versions of the Supra, better than this year's Super for sure.

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