Super Finds 2015: I walked into a Walgreens…

Gotta love a good tip.

I guess a good tip could be “Walmart is getting shippers”, but there are so many collectors tapped into Walmart a tip like that probably wouldn’t help that much.  Or it could be “Target has new cars” but that would probably apply to one store.  Target seems to get them when they need them.

But a tip like “Walgreens is getting mini shippers” is definitely a good one.  Not everyone checks Walgreens everyday (nor should they), so that could be your chance to find an elusive shipper.  That happened to me, and now I have one of the Supers I have really wanted to find.

It started with a tip from an Instagram friend who noticed a fellow collector had found a Super Corolla at Walgreens.  That seemed a little unexpected since we are not that far removed from the Christmas season when Walgreens were inundated with Hot Wheels shipments and lucky folks were finding Gasser Supers left and right.  It seemed a little soon, but the Corolla find meant maybe other Walgreens were getting new models.

So, while in my normal travels for work, I tried a couple.  The first?  A small shipper, but no new stuff (Although I had a really good find.  More on that in a second).  The second?  A shipper!  And there were definitely C case cars in it, but no Super.  The third?  Nothing.  The fourth?  I walked right into this:

There was no drama with this find.  I saw it right when I turned the corner.  So obvious in fact I stopped to take that picture before I even got to the pegs.  A pretty prominent spot.

I would love to embellish the story and say that the Corolla was buried on the last peg, but no, it had the most prominent spot on the endcap.  I was very happy to grab it, check the rest of the pegs, and head on my way.

I am very happy to check the AE86 off my list.  An update:

A. Kool Kombi – found twice in Walmart dump bins two days in a row mid-morning.
B. Rrrroadster – found 2 at successive out-of-town Walmarts, mid-morning.
C. Toyota AE86 Corolla – found at Walgreens around noon.
D. Ferrari 599XX – no luck
E. ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – found on the pegs at a nearby Walmart, mid-morning.
F.  Custom Dodge Van – no luck

That puts me at 4 for 6, with the Van just starting to hit.  Hopefully I can find a Ferrari, but it may take a random grocery store find or something similar.  But 4 for 6 is pretty darn good for mid-day finds.

About that cool find at the first Walgreens?  It was this:

That is the second time I have found this rare Supra wheel variation, and both times were at Walgreens.  I was happy to find it, because it being the second, and on a mangled card means this one gets opened.  Maybe I will save pics for the release of the Supra Super TH in a few months.

All in all, a good run of Walgreens visits.  Now consider this a tip, and go hit your Walgreens, and let us know what you find…

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  1. Great score! I'd been checking Walgreen's randomly the last few months and I'm lucky if they have one peg with maybe 4-5 cars on it. Maybe I'm in a bad area for Walgreens (central Indiana) or maybe it's time to start looking there again.

  2. Just visited two different Walgreen's locations. Both had mini-shippers stocked with 2014 F Case cars and both had an abundance of Homers, Laferraris and Fast-Bed Haulers.

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