The twin Corvette Grand Sports from Hot Wheels…

Do you think Hot Wheels knew the Roadster was coming when they did the Hardtop in straight silver  for multipacks?  Maybe.  Or maybe they did the all silver Hardtop to take advantage of the Fast & Furious movie, then decided to do the actual Roadster?

A mystery we will never know.  Or ever care to know.  But the result is a very nice duo.  Those who grabbed the multipack Vette might be a little happy about that now.  Same paint, same understated deco (the Roadster got some taillight tampos), same wheels.  They look great together.

The Hardtop might still be hanging around in a 9/10-pack somewhere (Walgreens seems to have older packs), or you can find it on eBay

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  1. BTW I have a lot of those hardtops I'll be getting rid of starting next week. If anyone is interested, follow my eBay account (ayohes). I'll have listing ups by then (hopefully).

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