Why I think the Mooneyes Custom ’77 Dodge Van is one of the best Super TH’s Hot Wheels has ever done…

That isn’t a title to garner a little attention.  I really do believe it.

The ’77 Custom Dodge Van Super Treasure Hunt in Mooneyes livery is truly one of the best Super TH’s ever.

Yeah, you’ve got your ’67 Camaro from ’95, and your 599XX from 2012, or maybe your Gasser and Datsun Wagon from 2014.  They fall on all kinds of “Best Super” lists.  And yeah, they are all pretty cool.

But the cool factor on the Mooneyes Dodge Van is off the charts.  Sure it’s a van, and it is Mooneyes (best logo EVER), but it is the marriage of those things with the most perfect wheel choice for a Super that makes this one so memorable.

I have heard so many people complain about the wheels on this Super, but I just don’t get it.  Mooneyes is known for a lot of things, among them their Bonneville Salt Flats-appropriate Moon Discs.  In Utah you will see them on the Flats, but you will also see them in Manti on all kinds of Hot Rods at the Ratfink Reunion every summer.  They are as signature as wheel treatments come.

So yes, maybe a Hot Rod Super sporting the Moon Discs would be a better choice, but for me, putting them on a 70’s van makes it even better.  Hot Rod wheels on a shagadelic van?  Yep, I’m in.

Then there is the rear.  Hot Wheels will do a couple of things to separate the Super from its mainline counterpart.  Wheels of course, color of course, and usually an extra bit of deco.  That normally comes in the form of an extra stripe, but it is something entirely different on the van:

More Mooneyes!  You are being watched from all angles.  The taillights are a nice touch as well.

This could easily be in a premium line, but I love that it was made a Super Treasure Hunt.  Some Supers are wanted because they are…well…Supers.  Other because they are so damn cool.  The Mooneyes van goes to the top of the list…

(Find the Hot Wheels Mooneyes models on eBay…)

Hot Wheels Custom ’77 Dodge Van (2015 Super TH & Mainline):















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  1. I'm relatively new at HW collecting (2-3 months) and this is the model that turned me into one of those obsessive collectors that stops at every retailer while driving anywhere, anytime, diving through the pegs while “normal” adults wonder what that grown up dude is doing, even before I knew exactly what a Super TH was. It is just that cool. For some reason the disc wheels look lame on everything else but work perfect on this one – at first I didn't even think they were even the same wheels found on the Boulevard or Pop culture trucks. Last weekend I was lucky enough to pull one out of the case at KDay and it is just as cool in person as it is in pictures!

  2. Love the tempo the wheels are ok but lets remember this isn't even a HW casting. I love the dodge van one of my favorites but Majorette brought this casting to life and I'll say it again HWs never used to rob other companies castings. Not saying they haven't done a great job with but just wish HW would go back to designing their own models and put as much time and detail into them. HWs has created some of the greatest castings now there are way to many peg warmers.

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