Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International C Case…

It is time to do it again.  As we explained last month, whenever Wheel Collectors gets their mainline case order, they get a lot of cases.  That means boxcutters and cardboard are flying everywhere, and models are stacked for selling and shipping all over the world.

But we have asked Wheel Collectors to grab a random case from the shipment and put it aside.  The reason?  To open it the way we at Lamley do, documenting the contents 3-by-3 as they are pulled out. That way we can see how the cases are arranged, and what is exactly in there.

And the deal is they will open an International Case, which usually arrives first, and we will open a US case.  The funny thing?  We still haven’t gotten our US B Case, but it is apparently arriving today, so that belated report is coming soon.  But we think you will be interested in the brand new C Case, so here we go.

As usual, the contents of the case, 3-by-3.  And remember, all models seen here are now available at the Wheel Collectors store.

Here we go…

The case:


The first 36:

(TH Alert.)

The bottom half:

The next 36:

There you go.  Our observations:

  • Obviously no Super.  The AE86 Corolla is the Super.  The Regular TH is the Rocketfire.
  • Mattel appears to have changed assortments, in that New Models are held over into a second batch.  That has not been the case in the past.  
  • The 510 Wagon again?  Mattel obviously knows this model is a bit popular.
There you go.  Anything strike your fancy?

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