Cool is Cool is Cool: Matchbox Caterham Superlight R500…

Maybe some of you don’t visit the Matchbox pegs that often.  Distribution is slower than Hot Wheels, and they don’t create chases, not to mention many of the models have not enticed a lot of collectors lately.

But if you have visited the pegs lately, there is a good chance you encountered this:

Maybe you bought it, maybe you didn’t, but if you passed, you are missing out.  The Caterham Superlight R500 is probably best known for super quick lap on the Top Gear track, but it is also one of the more unique Matchbox models made.

And you have Hot Wheels Designer Ryu Asada to blame.  Not only did Ryu design this casting when he worked for team orange, but he was the guy who suggested Matchbox make it in the first place.  After that famous lap, an awestruck Ryu came to Felix Holst and asked.  Who knows how long it took for the Caterham to be approved, but we here at Lamley are very glad it was.

The Caterham truly is unique.  Open air British kit cars based on the Lotus 7 aren’t seen on the toy pegs that often, and kudos to Matchbox for releasing more and more versions, even if the direction of the line has moved elsewhere.  But knowing how important it is to have a variety of silhouettes on the pegs, the Caterham definitely doesn’t look like anything else.

Matchbox recently released this version in dark green, and it goes well with the other versions.  My favorite remains the preproduction version I won at the Gathering Auction a few years ago, not just because it is a prepro, but because it looks amazing in bright green and black wheels.

But they are all cool, and all worth having.

Matchbox Caterham Superlight R500:

2014 Mainline

The family:

The prepro:

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