A brand new Hot Wheels casting has been unveiled: Can you guess what it is?

This just came across the Lamley desk:

If you mind your P’s and Q’s, this might get fully unveiled today.  We think quite a few of you will be humming “BadadaDAdaaaa, I’m lovin’ it” when you see it.

10 Replies to “A brand new Hot Wheels casting has been unveiled: Can you guess what it is?”

  1. YES! Looks like the P1, but will also gladly take the 12-C. Been a long time coming.

    Also, hoping that it will come out in the dark purple/black wheels color combo. That red/blue(?) scheme will not do this thing justice. Please unveil asap

  2. Its the bloody P1! Full photos have been posted on T-Hunted. And its got the awesome 'raised' rear spoiler. Race mode baby! I am completely blown away. I am really shivering right now. Hot Wheels, I love you! I assume the full photos will be posted on Lamley soon. I have a couple of things I want to say about this but not on the teaser post. John, I hope you get those pics up! Hang on… I need to catch myself here. Deary me….

  3. mmmm, McLaren, hopefully a better recolour, but i am please that the UK gets another model, not sure about the new Mini Van, Matchbox has been there and done that.

  4. Oh man, this year to me is an exciting one for 1:64. Between the hot wheels, matchbox, and greenlight cars, there are so many awesome castings coming out. I have been waiting for the p1 and mp412-c ever since the f1 gtr was part of the speed machines. Can't wait to pick this up. It will sit pretty next to the Agera R, LaFerrari, and 918.

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