Kanjo Return: ’90 Honda Civic EF & Civic Type R are back in the Hot Wheels lineup for 2015…

We think a few of you will be happy with this news.

It looks like Hot Wheels is trying to put together its own Kanjo Racing team in 2015, because the Civics are coming.

First off, after a successful debut in 2014, Ryu Asada’s 1990 Honda Civic EF will be back in the mainline, this time in black with racing livery.

We heard this was coming, but unfortunately the first image we have seen is via this ebay listing.  It does not have the correct wheels, but news is news, so we will pass it on.  We are looking forward to getting this one, but will wait until it hits legitimate stores and hobby dealers.

And if that Civic isn’t enough, Hot Wheels is brushing the dust off the Honda Civic Type R casting and releasing it as part of what we think is the Holiday Series later this year:

We are happy to see this one back after a very long absence (at least 8 years).  It is a very clean casting, and while it may have seemed out of place with all the muscle cars in 2006, it surely has a place in the Hot Wheels lineup now.

Both should be out later this year, and we will keep you updated on exactly when…

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  1. Awesome! Both are awesome! But the real surprise for me is the Type-R. Its been such a loooong time since we last saw it in the lime-up!! Glad to see it back! The EF is looking pretty sweet too!

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