First Look: Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle Wagon, Custom ’69 Chevy, & Lincoln Continental Zamac Exclusives…

I capped off my two-day whirlwind business trip last night with a visit to a nearby Walmart after a tip from a Lamley friend.  It was fitting that after finding two Super TH’s, I would come across the latest Zamacs to end the trip.
The last couple of Zamac batches were slow hitting my area, but thankfully Batch L, with its fantastic Chevelle Wagon, hit early.  So we get to show these off.
Many of you already have these, so enjoy the pics.  Those who don’t, hopefully you will see them soon.  Those of your outside of the US, hopefully you have a good friend who can get the models you want.
Of these three, the model you should get without fail is the Chevelle Wagon.  It seems every batch has a can’t miss model, where the deco used fits the unpainted body perfectly.  The Wagon is way up there in terms of plain good looks.  But that is our opinion.  A little later today, you will get to share yours…
For now, enjoy the latest batch of Zamacs…
(And for those of you unable to get them, there is always ebay…)
Hot Wheels Walmart Zamac Exclusive #10 ’70 Chevelle Wagon, #11 Custom ’69 Chevy, and #12 Lincoln Continental:

The 69 Chevy with its older brother from 2013:

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle Wagon, Custom ’69 Chevy, & Lincoln Continental Zamac Exclusives…”

  1. Not interested in the other 2, but do am I interested in the Hurst Chevelle wagon.

    I know all of us are complaining (and me) for Hot Wheels adding in more Chevys in the ZAMAC, but really, some of the Japanese Nostalgic Car models should be done, such as the Toyota 2000GT, Datsun 620 pickup, or Mazda RX-7. And any other interesting stuff.

    So, the Lincoln, nop dope for that, not interested, '69 Chevy pickup, not interested as well, but Hurst Chevelle wagon i9s fine for me. My choice to them 3.

    The Chevelle looks idiotic awesome, the gold lipped MC5's, ooh! That is baby. That's it. So thanks for the heads up John!

  2. This is the third time that the '69 Pickup has received Zamac treatment. Very nice for sure! Great pair of Chevy Zamacs. Thank you for the pics.

  3. Just found the Lincoln today – only one left in an entire dump bin – looks way better up close than the pic. Saw the Chevy p/u.. looks cool but no Chevelle wagons!
    Are these considered “K” case? Still no Snoopy in my area here in the mid-Atlantic.

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