Case Report: Hot Wheels 2014 US K Cases from Grana Toys, PLUS a way to win a Super ’83 Silverado…

We got some great feedback from many of our readers on our last case report, so we are doing another.

Our friends at Grana Toys just received the US assortment of the 2014 K cases today, and we asked if they would open one and share the contents.  They were happy to oblige.  So below is a report of all 72 models found in the US K case, and there are a few many of you are bound to be interested in.

But first, we want to let you know about the special promotion Grana Toys is offering to Lamley readers.  Right now, you can buy a sealed US K case at the Grana Toys website and get $5 off by using the promotional code “LAMLEY” at checkout.  That gives you the cheapest price around on a K case.

Just follow the link: Hot Wheels K Case

You can also buy them on ebay:

Grana Toys eBay K case listing

Based on what we see in this case report, it looks like there is a very good chance of getting that fantastic Silverado Super.  Of course there are no guarantees, but considering the International K cases Grana got yielded NO Supers, this is good news.

Without further ado, the US K Case, in order:

Not a bad case.  We think the second photo might interest many of you.  Like we said before, the International K Case we received did not have the Super.  In fact, all of the International K Cases Grana Toys had did not have one.  This is the only case they opened, so the odds on these have to be significantly better.

And Darren and our friends at Grana have decided to give that Super Silverado away.  All you have to do is Like them on Facebook.  Just click on the link below to get to their Facebook page, Like their page, and you are entered.  They will then draw a winner tomorrow night and announce it on their FB page.  Follow the link:

Grana Toys Facebook Page

Good luck on the Super, and go get a K Case and let us know what you get…

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  1. I'm still hoping to find J case soon. None of my stores have had anything new in almost a month, and only one store put out H case. Starting to think buying a case may be the way to go.

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