First Look: 2014 Matchbox Cadillac CTS Coupe (plus a look at all the Matchbox CTS models)…

There was a time that if I was asked what type of car I would never consider owning, I would answer Cadillac.  Cadillacs seemed so damn old.  So damn boring.  They tried to appeal younger, but failed with the horrific Catera.

Then they decided looks meant something.  Remember the second Matrix movie?  We may be used to the “Art & Science” design queues of the Cadillac now, but back then the CTS looked like nothing else.  And it kept getting better and better.  The second generation CTS advanced the look even more, and then they introduced the Wagon and Coupe.  All three looked like no other car, and were the purveyors of hope that not all cars were getting treacherously boring.  I would have never thunk it, but I was sold.

The third generation of the CTS is now out, and V and Coupe versions are coming, but the Wagon’s days are apparently over.  That is a serious bummer, but it means the Wagon becomes an INSTANT classic.  You can see the day years down the line when a Japanese custom house dedicates itself solely to the CTS Wagon and you will see a line of them driven by SoCal hipsters racing down the 415 to the next big car show.

As much as I would love to buy a CTS-V Wagon right now and stow it away for later, and then put a first generation V Coupe next to it, it won’t happen.  So at least we have the Matchbox models.  They may not be the V versions, but they are both fantastic castings.  The Wagon has sadly proven to be a bit of a pegwarmer, but there is not denying how nice it is.  It may end up being that model that everyone regrets not picking up when it was easy.

The Coupe?  Sadly underused.  It was introduced in 2011 in silver, appeared in a 2011 10-pack in black (a must-have if you don’t have it), and then vanished.  We at Lamley scratched that itch in 2012 when we won a Mattel-donated Coupe preproduction model at auction at the Gathering Convention, but that was that.

Until now.  The CTS Coupe is back in the 2014 Mainline, and it looks super in burgundy.  It took awhile, but it is nice to see it back.  And we hope this is the first of a few new versions in the coming years.

So here is the latest version, together with the previous versions.  And for kicks, the Wagon as well…

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Matchbox Cadillac CTS Coupe (2014 Mainline):

The Coupe Family:


2011 Mainline

2011 10-pack

2014 Mainline

The Wagon Family:

2010 Mainline

2011 5-pack

2012 Mainline

2012 Recolor

2013 Mainline

And the two models together:

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  1. Wonderful casting! Good to see it back in the mainline after being absent for 2 years (If only they brought back the G37 like that)! The silver version is by far the best! Also, the silver and orange Wagons are from 2011, not 2012. There was no Wagon in 2012. Except for that, all other points are tip-top! Well done. I hope to find this soon!

    – Black Wind

  2. The CTS Coupe looks really fantastic in red, but I really, absolutely, just have to say, there aren't any problems with it! It's all fine.

    Anyways, phew what a day! Glad to see Matchbox release the CTS coupe back in the mainline. It is wonderful on the outside, and tender in the interior. I was to say that. And it looks crispy with red, sporting style with those so-cool chorme-lipped 5sp wheels, those full headlight and taillight tempos, that's all what I expected. Period.

    First favorite to least from the CTS Coupe versions. Here we go:

    1. That's right, the new 2014 version in beautiful red.
    2. 2011 10-pack
    3. 2011
    4. Prep

    CTS Wagon versions first favorite to least:

    1. 2013 brown
    2. 2011 orange recolor
    3. 2011 silver
    4. 2010 new model red
    5. 2011 5-pack white

    See? That's my correction.

    Anyways, thanks for the post John!

  3. Fantastic model and great write-up! I accidentally let the black CTS coupe from the First Editions 10-pack slip past me before I knew those were truly exclusive and wouldn't show up on a basic card. Essentially every other model from that pack is pretty valuable and impossible to find. It took me nearly a year to find the black CTS coupe after the fact for a reasonable price.

    I hope the Matchbox CTS coupe and the wagon have a long prosperous life, just so long as they retain their front and rear detailing! It would be nice to see them released in the vibrant royal blue they were offered in, or the subtle green metallic color that is rarely seen on the wagon.

    RIP 1:1 CTS-V Wagon, what I wouldn't give to own one with a proper 6-speed manual.

  4. Yes, on short cards (in Germany) I have found 2 with a chrome interior, as well as others with black interior as shown in the great photos above. Is anyone else finding the chrome?

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