Lamley News: First-ever Subaru set from Kyosho coming in June…

Say the words “Subaru” and “Kyosho” in the same sentence and you will surely get our attention.

With all amazing sets Kyosho has done in the past, from Skylines to Alfas to Astons to Porsche to Senna to Mazda to Ferrari, we have never seen a Subaru set.
It is finally happening.  Kyosho has announced the release of its first Subaru set, coming in June.  So if you are a Subie like me, you had better bookmark Daboxtoys and be ready for when it hits.  

You had to know the Impreza and BRZ would make up most if the line, but we are very excited to see the Legacy wagon and especially the SVX.  (And we have to think there is a certain designer at Mattel who might be slightly excited as well.  You know who you are, and we are waiting for that Hot Wheels version…)  We are curious to know what you are excited for as well.
This will be a set we will surely feature here, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, get those fingers ready to reserve a few from Daboxtoys

2 Replies to “Lamley News: First-ever Subaru set from Kyosho coming in June…”

  1. i'm a complete subie lover…and most of my collection are subarus and muscle cars…i love the line up when i first saw it…but i miss really strong a forester XT or STI 2006 that was an icon on station wagon performance with the same engine of the WRX. and it's my daily drive car 🙂

  2. Nor am I excited for Kyosho to release the new Subie collection. My gets? Oh, if you're asking, I'll try to find the BRZ, Impreza (S206 NBR Challenge package), Impreza (R205), Lagacy Touring Wagon, and the Alcyone SVX. But something I have to say.

    So tone time on when I visited T-hunted BlogSpot .com, the T hunted popped a post up on their blog about an attention on this, the new Subie collection on Kyosho the first time. I saw, I was impressed, but Level 3+ for that. Why? It could have been a Level 4+ instead anyhow because I wanted to see Kyosho add the 2013 Subaru XV CrossTrek SUV, which is totally a favorite Subie of mine. Or the 2006 Subaru Forester AWD. Those SUV's are what Kyosho should have needed in mind.

    Anyways, thanks for the Subie pop-up John! Night!

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