As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 5, 2014…

Busy day today, with the unveiling of Hot Wheels new models at Nationals.  But we can’t miss As is the Custom.  So here they are…

Another fantastic group.  Enjoy…

(Don’t forget there are many more after the page break…)

Leo Trash Cars

Maranello Ferrari

@AMEERUDR – Instagram

Ahlong JDM

@alinhelga – Instagram

Diecast Bliss

@papichulocustoms – Instagram


@coecoet – Instagram

@78toy4dr – Instagram

Mark Wheels

Eric Snatchko matching his father’s Vette:

Daisuke Saito

Dennis Leung

@minh427 – Instagram

@jetwax – Instagram

@Moe_fp_bmcrew – Instagram

@diecastguruinc – Instagram


Reezal Ahmad

Balázs Kisgyörgy

Lovell Monster Garage

Randy Izzat

@mrsenctvt – Instagram (hand-painted)

@artflores_8405 – Instagram

Juergen Amberg


@rikkshady – Instagram

@kulitgosong – Instagram

@gooberspad – Instagram

Eduardo Padilla

@hotpropertyhotwheels – Instagram

Yusuf PN

poraman customs


10 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 5, 2014…”

  1. Not a lot of customs today I like, but some are amazing!

    So, my favorite is… yes it's the one and only Dennis Leung! His Celica and Pagani are astonishing. Black fits on the Celi and the green color for a Pagani isn't a big deal. It's just cool.

    Next, uh, @lil305garage's Aventador looks like an epic! If, he could just get some black wheels to make it fit up.

    Okay, so that's all it. Two things I only liked.

  2. I really like the first yellow Ferrari and @ameerudr's kenmari skyline. @coecoet has an amazing ef hatch going on also. Love the wheels!

  3. Yes, I did John. But there weren't a lot of things I can find. But I do hope you post better stuff on Sunday, please?

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