First Look: 2013 Matchbox Audi R8…

Since its debut in 2007, this has always been one of our favorite Matchbox models.  So we will happily give this new blue version its own post.

Not much to write.  Just pics to show.  Some tidbits:

  • It is almost the exact same color as the 2010 10-pack version.  Audi is a stickler on colors used and design, so it is no surprise we see a repeat.  This is the second color repeat, as we have seen two red versions as well.  In both cases the wheels are different on each color.
  • This is the 10th version of the Matchbox R8, and 5th with the side blades.  Audi has recently preferred the side blades are tampo printed, so it creates a dilemma for Matchbox with their “two-pass” tampo restraints.  In the case of this latest, the tail lights were the victim.
  • There has been talk (including here) that this would be the last time we would see the R8.  I don’t think that is true at all.  The most consistent thing at Matchbox is that things change.  I would not be surprised to see this collector favorite appear again.
  • My favorite remains the fantastic white and black version.  Somehow the stars aligned and this one got the full tampo treatment, and the dark rims finish it off.  The tough-to-find Superfast silver version with black blades is also up there.
Enjoy the pics…
(And find the Matchbox Audi R8 on ebay…)
Matchbox Audi R8 (2013 Mainline):

The pair of blues:

The other pair:

The entire family, oldest to newest:


2007 recolor

2008 5-pack

2008 Superfast



2010 10-pack




My favorite:

6 Replies to “First Look: 2013 Matchbox Audi R8…”

  1. Very nice post! I found the new blue R8 yesterday and really had to restrain myself from buying the second one on the pegs.

    Don't forget the rare variation on your favorite white w/black side blades version; as there was a version with the matte black side blades shown above, and one with gloss black side blades!

  2. Haha you're ALMOST right. The blue 10 pack version is a little different from the 2013 version. Here is what you're supposed to notice on the 10 pack version: 1. Taillight tempos 2. 10sp Matchbox wheels 3. Grey interior.

    But so, my favorite is the 2011 version. I don't really care about the blades on the sides that isn't there, but I do care about the design.

    Oh, by the way, this is the list in order to show my first favorite to my least favorite:

    1. 2011 version
    2. 2013 verion
    3. 2010 version (which is the one you like best)
    4. 2009 version
    5. 2008 superfast
    6. 2010 10 pack
    7. 2008 version
    8. 2008 5 pack
    9. 2007 recolor
    10. 2007 version

    Now that is still a really stunning car. And, I forgot say, nice pics.

  3. I wanted to like this car at first, but at the time I wasn't sure about the blades on the side of the real car. So long story short, I passed on buying the Matchbox. But now this car has started to grow on me, and hopefully the latest release will be my first.

    On another note, my favorites are the black one with the silver blade (very classy by the way), and the white one. But those wheels on the white one are painted very sloppy though. Having said that, I like the color of the wheels.

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