First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Batman Bat-Pod, Angry Birds Red Bird & Minion Pig, and a brand new wheel…

Alright, below are all the reasons we are dedicating valuable Lamley real estate to two retreads from the 2012 line and Batman motorcycle that was already released in another line.

  1. The Bat-Pod is pretty cool.
  2. We got a kick out of the photo we took showing the red bird chasing the pig on a Batman motorcycle.  (It’s the simple things.)
  3. There is actually something relatively significant on the Angry Birds models.  Significant for those of us who care.
So what is that little something on the Bird and Pig?  Well, look at the front wheels:
Holy Mad Manga, Batman!!  Are those ultra small OH5 wheels?!?!
Why yes, Robin, they are.  As far as we know, this is the first time we have ever seen these, and it means all those models that can only sport small wheels (think Mad Manga) can now enjoy an alternative to the small 5-spokes.  
Is this a big deal?  Probably not, but we pride ourselves in geeking out here at Lamley, so the new wheels deserve some attention.
(UPDATE: Ignore the last few paragraphs.  I totally forgot about the small OH5 Fast Fortress from a few years ago.  The wheels already exist.  Oh well, I enjoyed writing it.)
Other than that, these are just two models that we will ignore at the pegs while the kids pick them up.  
(Or will they?  It seems the Angry Birds overload has died down a tad.  It appears all the Angry Birds shi…stuff at Walmart has been replace with Duck Dynasty shi…stuff…….uh…….oh no……Please no.  Mattel, no ideas, ok!  For the love of all things holy, NO IDEAS!!!)
(Find the Bat-Pod on ebay…)
Hot Wheels Bat-Pod (2014 Mainline):

Hot Wheels Angry Birds Red Bird & Minion Pig (2014 Mainline):

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